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Issue I 2024
The 2023 Report on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession
By: Anusha Chari and Margaret Levenstein

Issue IV 2023
What the AEA is Doing About Sexual Harassment
Guest Editor: Donna Ginther

Issue III 2023
Focus on The Changed Landscape of Abortion Access
Co-editor: Yana van der Meulen Rodgers

Issue II 2023
Focus on the Undergraduate Experience
Co-editor: Marionnette Holmes

Issue I 2023
The 2022 Report on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession
By: Anusha Chari and Margaret Levenstein

Issue IV 2022
Economics Seminar Dynamics Revisted 
Co-editor: Katherine Silz-Carson

Issue III 2022
Navigating the Ph.D. Admissions Process
Co-editor: Kasey Buckles

Issue II 2022
A Guide for Non-Tenure Track Faculty
Co-editors: Shreyasee Das and Seth Gitter

Issue I 2022
The 2021 Report on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession
By: Anusha Chari and Margaret Levenstein

Issue IV 2021
Finding Funding for Your Research
Co-editor: Jen Doleac
Advice from Funders and Scholars - Full Interviews

Issue III 2021
The Status of Women in the Economics Profession Around the World
Co-editor: Karen Pence

Issue II 2021
Jobs for Economists in DC
By: Judith Chevalier and Gray Kimbrough

Issue I 2021
The 2020 Report on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession
By: Judith Chevalier and Margaret Levenstein

Issue IV 2020
Ideas for Mitigating the Disparate Impact of COVID in Economics
Co-editor: Jonathan Guryan and Petra Moser

Issue III 2020
Advice for Job Seekers and Early Career Folks
Co-editor: Sarah Jacobson

Issue II 2020
Tips for Surviving and Thriving as an Academic Economist
Co-editor: Karen Conway

Issue I 2020
The 2019 Report on the Status of Women in the Economic Profession
By: Judith Chevalier and Margaret Levenstein

Issue III 2019
Academic Career Challenges and Opportunities
Co-editor: Abigail Wozniak

Issue II 2019
Advice for Job Seekers
Co-editor: Shahina Amin

Issue I 2019
Mentoring Underrepresented Minority Women in Economics
Co-editor: Marie T. Mora

Issue III 2018
Proactive Efforts to Increase Diversity and Inclusion
Co-editor: Elizabeth Klee

Issue II 2018
Working With the Media
Co-editor: Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes

Issue I 2018
Dealing with Sexual Harassment
Co-editor: Jennifer Bennett Shinall

Issue III 2017
Working with a Research Group and Co-authors

Co-Editor: Ragan Petrie

Issue II 2017
Recruiting & Mentoring Diverse Economists
Co-Editor: Amanda Bayer

Issue I 2017
Managing Your Service and Administrative Workload at Mid-Career When to Say ‘Yes’ and How to Say ‘No’
Co-Editor: Terra McKinnish

Issue III 2016
Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies for Female Faculty
Co-Editor: Anne Winkler

Issue II 2016
Managing a Job Search as a Couple
Co-Editor: Shelly Lundberg

Issue I 2016
Economists in the Public Sector
Co-Editor: Marjorie B. McElroy

Issue III 2015
Ethical Issues in Economics Research, Part II
Co-Editors: Amalia Miller and Ragan Petrie

Issue II 2015
Ethical Issues in Economics Research, Part I
Co-Editors: Amalia Miller and Ragan Petrie

Issue I 2015
Associations of Women Economists Around the Globe
Co-Editor: Madeline Zavodny

Fall 2014
Navigating the Job Market 2.0
Co-Editor: Cecilia Conrad

Spring/Summer 2014
Getting into and Finishing a PhD Program
Co-Editor: Serena Ng

Winter 2014
Being Research Productive at Non-Research Intensive Institutions
Co-Editor: Anne Winkler

Fall 2013
A Celebration of the Life of Anna Jacobson Schwartz
Co-Editor: Marjorie McElroy

Spring/Summer 2013
Where are the Women Economics Majors?
Co-Editor: Cecilia Conrad

Winter 2013
Navigating the Tenure Process
Co-Editor: Petra Todd

Fall 2012
The International Job Market for Economists
Co-Editor: Kevin Lang

Spring/Summer 2012
Interdisciplinary Frontiers in Economics
Co-Editor: Shelley White-Means

Winter 2012
Using Social Media in Economics
Co-Editor: Jennifer Imazeki

Fall 2011
Inspiring Women in Policy
Co-Editor: Linda Goldberg

Spring/Summer 2011
How to Get Published in an Economics Journal: Tips from the Experts
Co-Editor: Susan Averett

Winter 2011
What’s Your Research Agenda?
Co-Editor: Rohini Pande

Fall 2010
Academic Women and Shrinking State Budgets
Co-Editor: Ron Oaxaca

Spring/Summer 2010
Boundary Conditions
Co-Editor: Lynne Lewis

Winter 2010
On Becoming a Public Economist
Co-Editor: Amy Schwartz

Fall 2009
Navigating the Job Market as Dual Career Economists
Co-Editor: Julie Hotchkiss

Spring/Summer 2009
Harassment, Discrimination and Action
Co-Editor: Martha Olney

Winter 2009
Managing Your Career Post-Tenure
Co-Editor: Fiona Scott-Morton

Fall 2008
Academic Leadership
Co-Editor: Linda Bell

Spring/Summer 2008
Alternative Career Paths in Economics
Co-Editor: Trish Mosser

Winter 2008
On Being the Boss
Co-Editor: Richard Startz

Fall 2007
Navigating the Job Market
Co-Editor: Anna Paulson

Spring/Summer 2007
Work and Family in Academia: Striking the Balance
Co-Editor: Donna Ginther

Winter 2007
Difficult Discussions: How to Approach Conversations with your Chair or Dean
Co-Editor: Nancy Rose

Fall 2006
Where the Pipeline Begins
Co-Editor: Gail Hoyt

Spring/Summer 2006
Symposium on Research Careers Outside of Academia
Co-Editor: Katherine Abraham

Winter 2006
Teaching Economics in Different Environments
Co-Editor: Ann Owen

Fall 2005
Lecturers, Adjuncts, Instructors: Life on a Track Different from the Tenure Track
Co-Editor: Lori Kletzer

Spring/Summer 2005
Academics Outside the Academy
Co-Editor: Sharon Oster

Winter 2005
Women Academic Economists: Early and Late Career Issues
Co-Editor: Daniel Hamermesh

Fall 2004
Women in Academe, Government and Business: Weaving Together Strands of the Economics Profession
Co-Editor: Catherine L. Mann

Spring/Summer 2004
Co-Editor: Lisa Barrow

Winter 2004
Women & Academics
Co-Editor: Judith Chevalier

Fall 2003
Responding to Discrimination in the Academy
Co-Editor: Janet Currie

Spring/Summer 2003
Professional Advancement
Co-Editor: Claudia Goldin

Winter 2003
Academic Advice
Co-Editor: Rachel Croson

Fall 2002
Co-Editor: Rachel Willis

Spring 2002
Think Tanks, Funding Sources
Co-Editor: Caren Grown

Winter 2002
The Status of Women
Co-Editor: Robert Pollack

Fall 2001
Women's Organizations in Economics and Related Fields
Co-Editor: KimMarie McGoldrick

Spring/Summer 2001
Reflections from Mentors and Balancing Work and Family
Co-Editor: Helen Popper

Winter 2001
Career Paths of Women Entering the Economics Profession During the 1970s
Co-Editor: Andrea H. Beller

Fall 2000
Panel on the Research Climate in Economics Institutes
Co-Editor: Mary E. Deily

Spring/Summer 2000
Special Interview Articles
Co-Editor: Barbara Fraumeni

Winter 2000
Economics and Law
Co-Editor: Lisa Lynch

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Fall 1997
Special Commemorative Issue: CSWEP's 25 Years
Co-Editor: Kenneth Small
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Special Reprint 1996
Preparing for the Job Market
Co-Editor: Marianne Ferber

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