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American Economic Review

The American Economic Review (AER) is a general-interest economics journal. Established in 1911, the AER is among the nation's oldest and most respected scholarly journals in economics.

American Economic Review: Insights

American Economic Review: Insights (AER: Insights) is a general-interest economics journal publishing papers of the same quality and importance as those in the AER but devoted to papers with important insights that can be conveyed succinctly.

Journal of Economic Literature

The Journal of Economic Literature (JEL), first published in 1969, is designed to help economists keep abreast of and synthesize the vast flow of literature.

Journal of Economic Perspectives

The Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP) aims to bridge the gap between the general interest business and financial press and standard academic journals of economics.

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

American Economic Journal: Microeconomics publishes papers focusing on microeconomic theory; industrial organization; and the microeconomic aspects of international trade, political economy, and finance.

AEA Papers and Proceedings

AEA Papers and Proceedings, published once a year, contains AEA proceedings and selected papers presented at the AEA sessions of the ASSA Annual Meeting.