Committee on Economic Statistics

The Committee on Economic Statistics (AEAStat) is a subcommittee of the American Economic Association charged with promoting scholarship in economic statistics by providing professional recognition of these activities.

The mission of the American Economic Association (AEA) includes the “encouragement of economic research, especially the historical and statistical study of actual conditions of industrial life.” As such, members of the AEA share an interest in producing reliable, high-quality economic and social statistics. Recognizing this interest, in January 2002, the Executive Committee of the American Economic Association established the Committee on Economic Statistics (AEAStat).

AEAStat was given the general charge to promote the involvement of economists in improving the collection, analysis and reporting of economic statistics. An important goal for the committee has been to raise the profile of research on economic measurement within the economics profession. AEAStat activities have included the organization of sessions for the Annual Meetings of the American Economic Association and the preparation of reports on data needs in particular subfields of economic research.

Current Members of the AEA Committee on Economic Statistics:

  • Robert Moffitt, Chair
  • John Abowd
  • Carol A Corrado
  • Janice C. Eberly
  • Martin S. Gaynor
  • John Haltiwanger
  • J. Steven Landefeld
  • Josh Lerner
  • Edward Montgomery
  • Emi Nakamura