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The AEA conducts podcast interviews on a wide range of topics with economists whose research appears in our journals. Listen to episodes posted below or subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts:

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Episode 23: How much do local leaders matter?

March 17, 2021
Christian Dippel discusses the Forty-Eighters and their role in the US antislavery movement.
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Episode 22: Supreme polarization

March 03, 2021
University of Chicago law professor Daniel Hemel discusses whether the nation’s highest court is facing a legitimacy crisis and, if so, what to do about it.
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Bonus episode: Tech: economists wanted

February 17, 2021
Susan Athey and Michael Luca discuss the mutual influence between economics and the tech sector.
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Episode 21: The consequences of school choice

February 03, 2021
Harvard professor Chris Avery discusses how allowing students to leave their neighborhood for their education may undercut policymakers' goals.
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Episode 20: Rereading the The Road to Serfdom

January 20, 2021
Bruce Caldwell discusses Friedrich Hayek and the history of economic ideas.
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Episode 19: Social well-being and academic success

January 06, 2021
Northwestern’s Kirabo Jackson discusses how schools can help their students by fostering socioemotional development.
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Episode 18: The promise of conditional cash transfers

December 23, 2020
Rema Hanna discusses how giving families money affects child development in the long run.
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Episode 17: Gendered laws

December 09, 2020
Penny Goldberg discusses how legal gender discrimination affects women’s economic opportunities around the globe.
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Episode 16: The anatomy of inequality

November 25, 2020
Florian Hoffman discusses how income disparities have grown in the US and Europe over the last 40 years.
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Episode 15: How economists can help combat COVID-19

November 11, 2020
Boston University epidemiologist Eleanor Murray says the tools of economics can help her field better understand the impacts of the disease.
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