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  • August 21, 2023

AEA Award and Grant Opportunities – Act Now!

August 21, 2023

To: Members of the American Economic Association and Economics Department Chairs
From: Peter L. Rousseau, Secretary-Treasurer
Subject: AEA Award and Grant Opportunities – Act Now!

The AEA remains committed to listening to the members of our profession and improving the professional climate in economics. Read below for information about awards and other opportunities created to increase diversity and inclusion, and to recognize economists who have contributed to the profession through education and service. Now is the time to consider applying or nominating someone for these opportunities and other prestigious honors described below.

AEA Distinguished Service Award. This award was established to recognize the volunteer efforts of individuals who have served the profession. The service contribution should impact the field of economics in a significant and positive way on a national scale. While this award is conferred by the AEA, it is not expected that service be limited to AEA-supported activities. The award will be announced at the AEA Awards Ceremony at the ASSA meeting in January. For more details and information on how to nominate an individual, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/honors-awards/distinguished-service-award.

AEA Distinguished Economic Education Award. This award, which is adjudicated by the AEA Committee on Economic Education (AEA-CEE), was established to acknowledge excellence in economic education at a national level. Nominations must be able to document at least 15 years of sustained and impactful contribution to several areas of economic education, including teaching, the development of curriculum and pedagogy, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) of economics, mentoring of students and young faculty, and service at the institutional, regional, and state levels. The award will be conferred annually at the AEA-CEE’s Friends of Economic Education Reception and announced at the AEA Awards Ceremony at the ASSA meeting. Visit https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/honors-awards/distinguished-economic-education-award for more information and a link to the nomination submission portal. 

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives. This is the fourth year for continuing diversity and inclusion initiatives launched by the AEA in conjunction with its Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession (CSMGEP) in 2020.  A summary of the awards and opportunities is below. Further details can be found at the web page for each initiative.

  1. AEA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Diversity and Inclusion.  This annual award recognizes departments and organizations that demonstrate outstanding achievement in diversity and inclusion practices. Focus is given to those applicants that take productive steps to establish new programs and procedures to create an inclusive environment, and to increase the participation of underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities, women, and LGBTQ+ individuals. The award is open to all US-based departments of economics and other organizations employing significant numbers of economists. There are up to four winners per year.
  2. Departmental Seed Grants for Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion.  These grants, in amounts up to $5,000, are awarded to economics departments to help establish new bridge programs or training programs for underrepresented minorities (URM) students. For example, a department might create a mentoring program for URM graduates or undergraduate students, create opportunities for URM students to do meaningful research assistant work, or start a program allowing URM students who need additional preparation for graduate school to take a lighter class load in the first year or to take core economics courses over two years. There are up to four grant recipients per year.
  3. The Andrew Brimmer Undergraduate Essay Prize Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, this paper prize was established in honor of Andrew Brimmer, the first African American to serve on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. The annual award is presented to an undergraduate student at a US-based institution of higher learning majoring in economics, political science, public policy, or related fields for the best essay on the "economic well-being of Black Americans." The winner receives a check for $1,000 and a certificate from the president of the AEA.
  4. URM Travel Grants.  This award is open to junior economics faculty members from traditionally underrepresented groups in the economics profession. The grants will advance career and professional development by defraying the costs of travel, lodging, and conference registration to attend the annual ASSA meetings.  Each award covers up to $1,000 for eligible expenses and up to ten grants are awarded each year.
  5. Small Group Breakfast Meeting for URM Scholars Each year, at the ASSA Meeting, a breakfast is held with scholars from underrepresented minorities and prominent economists in attendance. The goal is to allow URM scholars access to AEA journal editors, executive board members, thought leaders in specific areas of economics, or other economists for the purpose of addressing issues of access to journals, conferences, and networks that are often out of reach for URM scholars. Participants at the breakfast is limited to 20.
  6. Professional Development Grant for URM Faculty.  This $2,000 grant was established to help advance the career and professional development of URM economists. The award is given to the winners of an essay competition detailing their research and how it relates to economic education. The award is open to eligible junior economist faculty members.

Award for Outstanding Research Paper in LGBTQ+ Economics. The Committee on the Status of LGBTQ+ Individuals in the Economics Profession (CSQIEP) is accepting nominations for its annual Outstanding Research Paper in LGBTQ+ Economics Award for papers published in 2022 or 2023. The award recipient(s) will be announced at the 2024 ASSA meeting. Nominations are due November 1, 2023, and self-nominations are welcome. For more information and guidelines, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/committees/aealgbtq/csqiep-award.

The Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) is currently accepting nominations for two awards.

  1. The Carolyn Shaw Bell Award is awarded annually to an individual who has furthered the status of women in the economics profession through example, achievements, increasing the understanding of how women can advance in the economics profession, or mentoring others. The award will be presented at the 2024 ASSA meeting. Nominations are due by September 15, 2023. For more information, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/news/call-for-nominations-bell-award-may-16-2023.
  2. The Elaine Bennett Research Prize is awarded annually to recognize and honor outstanding research in any field of economics by a woman not more than seven years beyond her Ph.D. (adjusted for family responsibilities). The award will be presented at the 2024 ASSA meeting. Nominations are due by September 15, 2023. For more information, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/news/call-for-nominations-bennett-prize-may-16-2023.