AEA Distinguished Economic Education Award

The AEA Distinguished Education Award acknowledges excellence in economic education at a national level. Recipients are able to demonstrate a sustained and impactful contribution to several areas of economic education. These areas include teaching, the development of curriculum and pedagogy, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) of economics, mentoring of students and young faculty, and service at the institution, regional, and state level.

The award will be conferred annually at the Committee on Economic Education's Friends of Economic Education Reception at the ASSA meetings. Up to $2,000 for travel expenses to the meetings will be reimbursed. 

Rules and Eligibility

A nominee must be a current member of the AEA. This award is not designed to recognize a single contribution but the accumulated impact on economic education. As a result, recipients must be able to document at least 15 years of sustained contribution to the field. The recipient need not be employed at an academic institution, but must be able to document their own teaching impact or their contribution to improving the teaching of others. Nominees must be employed at the time of their nomination and, if not chosen, will remain in subsequent pools of nominees for three more years regardless of changes in their employment status. Below are the areas that will be evaluated. The chosen recipient will have documented excellence in several areas but need not have documented excellence in each area.

  • Teaching Impact: It is expected that nearly all nominations would include evidence associated with the nominee's own courses.  Teaching impact may be documented with (short) letters from students, peer review of teaching, or other similar evidence of impactful teaching. Student evaluations of teaching are not required, nor will they be given much consideration. Descriptions of well-designed assessment practices might also be used as examples of supporting evidence. Teaching awards and examples of student success (attending graduate school, placements of graduate students) may also be used as evidence;

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Although SoTL is grounded in published research it also includes workshops organized and facilitated, invited or conference presentations, and the development of innovative pedagogy and curriculum that is known beyond one's own classroom and institution;

  • Mentoring of Students and Young Faculty: Mentoring goes beyond a simple sharing of knowledge as it implies that a nominee actively helps others in developing their own excellence in teaching.  Supporting letters from junior faculty both within and outside of the nominee’s institution might provide especially convincing evidence of a commitment to promoting teaching excellence in others;

  • Service: Service to the profession in the area of economic education beyond one's own institution. This can include, but is not limited to, service to associations (SEA, AEA, etc), organizing conferences or sessions at conferences related to teaching, serving as an editor for an economic education journal or journal that has a special section dedicated to economic education.

Nomination and Selection Process

Recipients will have made significant and impactful contribution in several of the listed areas. Nomination requires:

  1. A nomination letter of no more than 500 words. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  2. Nominee's professional Vita, not to exceed five pages.
  3. At least three but no more than five letters of support from individuals or groups that are familiar with the nominee's work. Letters should not exceed two pages.
  4. Evidence of impactful teaching, such as short (one-page) letters of support from students, workshop participants, or mentees (three maximum); peer-reviews of teaching (two maximum); or other supportive documents. This content is optional and is only appropriate when documenting impactful teaching.

The annual nomination deadline is October 1st.  Nominees who are not selected are automatically placed in the pool of nominees for the subsequent year for a period of three years.  Nomination packets will not need to be resubmitted, but any (brief) updates to materials are welcome.