AEA Distinguished Service Award

The AEA Distinguished Service Award recognizes the volunteer efforts of individuals who have served the profession. This service may have been in the auspices of the AEA, but this is not required.

The award will be conferred annually at the AEA Awards Ceremony at the ASSA meetings.  Travel expenses to the meetings, up to $2,000, will be reimbursed. 

Rules and Eligibility

A nominee must be a current member of the AEA. The service contribution should impact the field of economics in a significant and positive way on a national scale. The length of service time is not as important as the impact of one or several activities. The service to be recognized may comprise a variety of activities, but must be beyond that of a single institution and impactful on a national scale. While this award is conferred by the AEA, it is not expected that service be limited to AEA supported activities.

Nomination and Selection Process

Nomination requires:

  1. A nomination letter of no more than 500 words. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  2. Nominee’s professional Vita, not to exceed 5 pages.
  3. At least 3 but no more than 5 letters of support from individuals or groups that are familiar with the nominee’s work. Letters should not exceed two pages.

The nomination deadline has been extended to October 24, 2022. Nominees who are not selected, are automatically placed in the pool of nominees for the subsequent year for a period of three years. Nomination packets will not need to be resubmitted, but any (brief) updates to materials are welcome. Nominations can be made using the online form.

Submit a Nomination