AEA Sessions from the 2022 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 07 — 09

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Is the Impact of International Trade on Innovation in the Eye of the Beholder? Views from China, France and Sweden

Daniel Trefler
Import Competition and Innovation: Evidence from China —
Matilde Bombardini
, Bingjing Crystal Li
, and Ruoying Wang
Exporting Ideas: Knowledge Flows from Expanding Trade in Goods —
Philippe Aghion
, Antonin Bergeaud
, Matthieu Lequien
, Timothee Gigout
, and Marc Melitz
The Dynamic Impact of Exporting on Firm R&D Investment —
Florin G. Maican
, Matilda Orth
, Mark J. Roberts
, and Van Anh Vuong
Trade and Innovation: The Role of Scale and Competition Effects —
Kevin Lim
, Daniel Trefler
, and Miaojie Yu

Labor Market Effects of Immigration

Caroline Theoharides
Immigration and Inequality: New Macroeconomic Evidence —
Francesco Furlanetto
, Ørjan Robstad
, and Samad Sarferaz
As Long as They Are Cheap: Experimental Evidence on the Demand for Migrant Workers —
Mauro Caselli
and Paolo Falco
Sanctuary City Status and the Effect on Labor Market —
Ariel Soto Caro
, Tianyuan Luo
, and Zhengfei Guan
Language Training and Refugees' Integration —
Iben Bolvig
, Jacob Nielsen Arendt
, Mette Foged
, Linea Hasager
, and Giovanni Peri
Labor Market Integration of Refugees: RCT Evidence from an Early Intervention Program in Sweden —
Matz Dahlberg
, Johan Egebark
, Ulrika Vikman
, and Gülay Özcan

Labor Markets and the Transmission of Macroeconomic Shocks

Alan Finkelstein Shapiro
Do Sticky Wages Matter? New Evidence from Matched Firm-Survey and Register Data —
Anne Kathrin Funk
and Daniel Kaufmann
Employment Response of Small and Large Firms to Monetary Policy Shocks —
Anastasia Zervou
, Aarti Singh
, and Jacek Suda
Minimum Wages and the Rigid-Wage Channel of Monetary Policy —
Brian Wheaton
and Robert Minton
Persistent Monetary Policy in a Model with Labor Market Frictions —
Elizaveta Lukmanova
and Roman Goncharenko

Learning and Misinformation

Emily Beam
Naive Social Learning with Misspecified Agents —
Jaden Yang Chen
Fake News, Voter Overconfidence, and the Quality of Democratic Choice —
Melis Kartal
and Jean-Robert Tyran
The Cost of Optimally Acquired Information —
Alexander Bloedel
and Weijie Zhong
Inattention and Inequity in School Matching —
Stefan Bucher
and Andrew Caplin

Learning from Teachers and Peers

Bruce I. Sacerdote
Measuring and Summarizing the Multiple Dimensions of Teacher Effectiveness —
Christine Mulhern
and Isaac M. Opper
Heterogenous Teacher Effects, Comparative Advantage, and Match Quality: Evidence from Chicago Public Schools —
William Delgado
The Impact of Religious Diversity on Students' Academic and Behavioral Outcomes —
Serena Canaan
, Antoine Deeb
, and Pierre Mouganie
Peer Effects and Academic Major: Evidence from USAFA —
Aaron Albert
and Nathan Wozny
The Effect of Peers on Effort and Achievement: Evidence from Random Group Assignments in Multiple Classrooms —
George Orlov
and Douglas McKee

Market Concentration

Sebastian Heise
and Caroline Freund
U.S. Market Concentration and Import Competition —
Mary Amiti
and Sebastian Heise
Concentration in Product Markets —
Lanier Benkard
, Ali Yurukoglu
, and Anthony Lee Zhang
The Evolution of Firm Heterogeneity in Europe: Facts and Explanations —
German Guiterrez
, Joseba Martinez
, Thomas Philippon
, and Sophie Piton
Firms and Inequality —
Jan De Loecker
, Tim Obermeier
, and John Van Reenen

Market Design for Medical Resources

Nikhil Agarwal
Market Design for Vaccine Supply —
Eric Budish
Blood Allocation with Replacement Donors: A Theory of Multi-Unit Exchange with Compatibility-Based Preferences —
Xiang Han
, Onur Kesten
, and Utku Unver
Fair Allocation of Vaccines, Ventilators, and Antiviral Treatments: Leaving No Ethical Value Behind in Health Care Rationing —
Parag Pathak
, Tayfun Sonmez
, Utku Unver
, and M. Bumin Yenmez
Market Design in Regulated Health Insurance Markets: Risk Adjustment versus Subsidies —
Liran Einav
, Amy Finkelstein
, and Pietro Tebaldi

Measuring Inflation in the Service Sector: Accounting for Changes in Quality

Carol Corrado
Accounting for Outlet Shifts in the Consumer Price Index: The Case of UBER Ridesharing Services —
Ana Aizcorbe
and Jeffrey Chen
How Much Are Medical Expenditures Worth? An Analysis Based on Millions of Individuals and Thousands of Cost-Effectiveness Studies —
Abe Dunn
, Eli Liebman
, and Lasanthi Fernando
Telecoms Deflators: A Story of Volume and Revenue Weights —
Mo Abdirahman
, Richard Heys
, and Diane Coyle

Mechanism Design: Advances and Applications

Teddy Mekonnen
Weight-Ranked Divide-and-Conquer Contracts —
Lester Chan
The Limits of Ex Post Implementation without Transfers —
Tangren Feng
, Axel Niemeyer
, and Qinggong Wu
Collective Decision Through an Intermediary —
Xingtan Zhang
and Yunan Li
Private Compensation and Organizational Design —
Andrea Buffa
, Qing Liu
, and Lucy White
Persuasion through Trial Design —
Alesandro Arcuri

Monetary Policy

C. Richard Higgins
Financial Shocks, Uncertainty Shocks, and Monetary Policy Trade-Offs —
Marco Brianti
Average Inflation Targeting: Time Inconsistency and Intentional Ambiguity —
Jing Cynthia Wu
and Chengcheng Jia
Consumption and Portfolio Rebalancing Response of Households to Monetary Policy —
Yeow Hwee Chua
, Sumit Agarwal
, Changcheng Song
, and Pulak Ghosh
Managing Monetary Tradeoffs in Vulnerable Open Economies —
Tobias Adrian
, Christopher Erceg
, Marcin Kolasa
, Jesper Linde
, and Pawel Zabczyk
Money Markets and Bank Lending: Evidence from the Adoption of Tiering —
Mariassunta Giannetti
, Carlo Altavilla
, Miguel Boucinha
, Lorenzo Burlon
, and Julian Schumacher

Monetary Policy and the Banking System

Javier Bianchi
Monika Piazzesi
Philip Schnabl
Wenxin Du
, and
Saki Bigio

Monopsony in the Labor Market

Patrick Kline
Power and Dignity In the Low-Wage Labor Market: Theory and Evidence from Wal-Mart Workers —
Arindrajit Dube
, Suresh Naidu
, and Adam Dalton Reich
Experimental Evidence on Male and Female Labor Supply —
Sydnee Caldwell
and Emily Oehlsen
Perpetuating Wage Inequality: Evidence from Salary History Bans —
James Bessen
, Erich Denk
, and Chen Meng
Alternative Work Arrangements and Worker Outcomes: Evidence from Payrolling —
Wiljan van den Berge
, Alan Manning
, Maarten Goos
, Anna Salomons
, and Bas Scheer

Mortality in America at the Turn of the 20th Century 

Kerwin Charles
Estimating the Effects of Milk Inspections on Infant and Child Mortality, 1880-1910 —
D. Mark Anderson
, Kerwin Charles
, Michael McKelligott
, and Daniel I. Rees
Segregation and the Initial Provision of Water in the United States —
Brian Beach
, John Parman
, and Martin Saavedra
1918 Every Year: Racial Disparities in Mortality, 1900-1948  —
James J. Feigenbaum
, Lauren Hoehn-Velasco
, Christopher Muller
, and Elizabeth Wrigley-Field

New Approaches for Measuring Poverty and Income

David Johnson
Fixing Errors in a SNAP: Addressing SNAP Under-reporting to Evaluate Poverty —
Jonathan L. Rothbaum
, Liana E. Fox
, and Kathryn Shantz
Building a Consumption Poverty Measure Based on the Recommendations of the Interagency Technical Working Group (ITWG) on Evaluating Alternative Measures of Poverty —
Thesia I. Garner
and Jake Schild
Wage Shocks and Stabilization During COVID-19 —
Jeff Larrimore
, Jacob Mortensen
, and David Splinter
Poverty Trends over Time Using Linked Survey and Administrative Data —
Kevin Corinth
, Bruce D. Meyer
, and Derek Wu

New Directions in Mechanism Design

Johannes Hörner
Redistributive Allocation Mechanisms —
Mohammad Akbarpour
, Piotr Dworczak
, and Scott Duke Kominers
Competing Mechanisms with Private Disclosures —
Andrea Attar
, Eloisa Campioni
, Thomas Mariotti
, and Alessandro Pavan
Reciprocity Rather than Money: Public Goods Contribution without Transfers —
Bård Harstad
, Johannes Hörner
, and Xiaosheng Mu
Consumer Segmentation and the Zero Lower Bound —
Renato Gomes
, Patrick Rey
, and Jean Tirole

New Evidence on the Determinants of Neighborhood Segregation and Inequality

Leah Brooks
Housing Market Channels of Segregation —
Nicholas Li
The Effect of School Redistricting on Housing Markets —
Tomas Monarrez
and David Schönholzer
Measuring Preferences for Local Public Goods —
David Schönholzer
What Determines the Success of Housing Mobility Programs? —
Dionissi Aliprantis
, Hal Martin
, and Kristen Tauber

New Lessons In Financial Fragility

Anna Paulson
Global Life Insurers During a Low-Interest Environment —
Ralph S.J. Koijen
and Motohiro Yogo
Shadow Bank Distress and Household Debt Relief: Evidence from CARES Act  —
Susan Cherry
, Erica Jiang
, Gregor Matvos
, Tomasz Piskorski
, and Amit Seru
Corporate Bankruptcy Rules and Zombie Lending —
Bo Becker
and Victoria Ivashina

Non-Pandemic Infectious Disease in Developed Countries

David Cutler
The Role of Socio-Economic Position in Determining Mortality: Evidence from Four Decades of Flu Epidemics —
Jérôme Adda
and Thomas Le Barbanchon
When Externalities Collide: Influenza and Pollution —
Joshua Graff Zivin
, Matthew Neidell
, Nicholas Sanders
, and Gregor Singer
Worth a Shot? Measuring Off-Target Effects of Measles Vaccination on Human Capital in the United States —
Alex Becker
, Caroline Chuard
, Masahiko Haraguchi
, and Hannes Schwandt
Diversity of Investigators and Willingness to Participate in Vaccine Trials —
Marcella Alsan
, Romaine Campbell
, Tomi Ojo
, Lukas Leister
, and Nick Shankar

On Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection

Pierre A. Chiappori
The Informed Principal with Agent Moral Hazard —
Daniel Clark
Loss Aversion, Moral Hazard, and Stochastic Contracts —
Hoa Ho
Financing a Black Box: Dynamic Investment with Persistent Private Information —
Felix Zhiyu Feng
Gaming a Selective Admissions System —
Frances Xu Lee
and Wing Suen
Robust Corporate Signaling with Heterogeneous Beliefs —
Thomas Rivera

Optimal Unique-Implementation Mechanisms

Marina Halac
Addressing Strategic Uncertainty with Incentives and Information —
Marina Halac
, Elliot Lipnowski
, and Daniel Rappoport
Efficient Implementation via Transfers: Uniqueness and Sensitivity in Symmetric Environments —
Mariann Ollar
and Antonio Penta
Preventing Bottlenecks in Organization —
Fumitoshi Moriya
and Takuro Yamashita