AEA Sessions from the 2022 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 07 — 09

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Updating National Economic Statistics with Real-Time Data

Erik Brynjolfsson
Pat Bajari
Mary Bohman
Ron Jarmin
John C. Haltiwanger
Kitty Smith Evans
, and
Fiona E. Greig

Using Text Data to Understand the Labor Market

Erica Groshen
The Geography of Job Tasks —
Enghin Atalay
, Sebastian Sotelo
, and Daniel Tannenbaum
Using Language Models to Understand Wage Premia —
Sarah Bana
Eight Decades of Changes in Occupational Tasks, Computerization and the Gender Pay Gap —
Andre Assumpcao
, Dario Diodato
, Ljubica Nedelkoska
, Shreyas Gadgin Matha
, James McNerney
, and Frank Neffke
Augmented Intelligence —
Erik Brynjolfsson
and Lindsey Raymond

What Can AI Do in Economics?

Lars Peter Hansen
Deep Neural Networks for Estimation and Inference —
Max H. Farrell
, Tengyuan Liang
, and Sanjog Misra
Inference on Weighted Average Value Function with High-Dimensional State Space —
Victor Chernozhukov
, Whitney Newey
, and Vira Semenova
Deep Learning Classification: Modeling Discrete Labor Choice —
Lilia Maliar
and Serguei Maliar
Exploiting Symmetry in High-Dimensional Dynamic Programming —
Mahdi Ebrahimi Kahou
, Jesús Fernández-Villaverde
, Jesse Perla
, and Arnav Sood

What Makes the Jobs of Tomorrow? The “What” and “Why” of Labor Outcomes from Technological Change

David Autor
How It’s Made: A General Theory of the Labor Implications of Technological Change —
Laurence Ales
, Christophe Combemale
, Erica R.H. Fuchs
, and Kate S. Whitefoot
Has COVID-19 Accelerated the Digital Transformation of the Labor Market? —
Georg Graetz
, Terry Gregory
, and Florian Lehmer
Occupational Change: Automation and Reskilling Risks —
Sebastian Steffen
and Erik Brynjolfsson
Digging into the Digital Divide: Workers’ Exposure to Digitalization and its Consequences for Individual Employment —
Sabrina Genz
and Claus Schnabel

Will U.S. Growth Be Higher than in Previous Decade after Pandemic Fiscal Stimulus Ends?

Janice C. Eberly
New Capital and the Changing Structure of Work —
Janice C. Eberly
The Post-COVID Economy: Boom, Inflation, Bust? —
Catherine L. Mann
The Evolving Risks of the 21st Century and Their Effective Management —
Robert J. Shiller
A Turning Point for the U.S. Economy? —
Joseph E. Stiglitz
Secular Stagnation and Post Pandemic Macro Economic Policy —
Lawrence H. Summers
The Effect of the Rescue Plans and the Need for Policies to Increase Economic Growth —
John B. Taylor

Women's Employment in Developing Economies

Mesay Gebresilasse
Access to Finance, Empowerment and Women’s Employment: Evidence from Rural India —
Vaishnavi Surendra
Electricity and Female Employment: Evidence from Tajikistan's Winter Energy Crisis —
Adrian Poignant
Savings Groups, Risk Coping and Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas —
Veronica Frisancho
and Martin Valdivia
Using Bank Savings Product Design for Empowering Women and Agricultural Development —
Jose Galdo
Inspiration and Information: The Role of Role Models —
Marcos Agurto
, Muchin Isabel Ayen Bazan Ruiz
, Siddharth Hari
, and Sudipta Sarangi

Worker Types in the Labor Market

Victoria Gregory
The Alpha Beta Gamma of the Labor Market —
Victoria Gregory
, Guido Menzio
, and David Wiczer
Job-Finding and Job-Losing: A Comprehensive Model of Heterogeneous Individual Labor-Market Dynamics —
Robert Hall
and Marianna Kudlyak
Anatomy of Lifetime Earnings Inequality: Heterogeneity in Job Ladder Risk versus Human Capital —
Fatih Karahan
, Serdar Ozkan
, and Jae Song