AEA Sessions from the 2022 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 07 — 09

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Perception of Policies and Polarization

Stefanie Stantcheva
Crises and Scapegoating —
Leonardo Bursztyn
, Ingar Haaland
, Aakaash Rao
, and Christopher Roth
My Taxes are Too Darn High: Why Do Households Protest Their Taxes? —
Brad Nathan
, Ricardo Perez-Truglia
, and Alejandro Zentner
Eliciting People's First-Order Concerns: Text Analysis of Open-Ended Survey Questions —
Stefanie Stantcheva

Pink Papers: Economics Research on LGBTQ+ Communities

Lee Badgett
Spousal Visa Policy and Mixed-Citizenship Couples: Evidence From the End of the Defense Of Marriage Act —
Connor Redpath
'What's the tea' with gender nonconformity? —
Abigail R. Banan
, Torsten Santavirta
, and Miguel A. Sarzosa
Same-Sex Couples and Parental Earnings Dynamics —
Barbara Downs
, Lucia Foster
, Rachel Nesbit
, and Danielle H. Sandler
#IamLGBT: Social Networks and Coming Out in a Hostile Environment —
Jan Gromadzki
and Przemyslaw Siemaszko

Police Conduct

Steve Mello
Facilitating Police Reform: Body Cameras, Use of Force, and Law Enforcement Outcomes —
Taeho Kim
Law Enforcement Officers' Bills of Rights and Police Violence —
Jamein Cunningham
, Donna Feir
, Rob Gillezeau
, Matthew Harvey
, and Abdul Rad
The Impact of Police Shootings on Gun Violence and Civilian Cooperation —
Maya Mikdash
and Reem Zaiour
Police Frisks —
David Abrams
, Hanming Fang
, and Priyanka Goonetilleke

Political Beliefs: Determinants and Implications

Oren Danieli
Moral Universalism and the Structure of Ideology —
Benjamin Enke
, Ricardo Rodríguez-Padilla
, and Florian Zimmermann
Globalization, Government Popularity, and the Great Skill Divide —
Sergei Guriev
, Cevat Giray Aksoy
, and Daniel S. Treisman
Perceptions of Racial Gaps, their Causes, and Ways to Reduce Them —
Stefanie Stantcheva
, Alberto Alesina
, and Matteo Ferroni
Decomposing the Rise of the Populist Right —
Ro'ee Levy
, Oren Danieli
, Noam Gidron
, and Shinnosuke Kikuchi

Price Setting and Inflation Expectations in a Low Inflation Environment

Raphael Schoenle
Tax Thy Neighbour: Corporate Tax Pass-through into Downstream Retail Prices in a Monetary Union —
Luca Dedola
, Chiara Osbat
, and Timo Reinelt
Measuring Price Selection in Microdata: It's Not There —
Peter Karadi
, Raphael Schoenle
, and Jesse Wursten
New Facts on Consumer Price Rigidity in the Euro Area —
Erwan Gautier
, Cristina Conflitti
, Riember Faber
, Brian Fabo
, Ludmila Fadejeva
, Valentin Jouvanceau
, Jan-Oliver Menz
, Teresa Messner
, Pavlos Petroulas
, Pau Roldan-Blanco
, Fabio Rumler
, Sergio Santoro
, Elisabeth Wieland
, and Hélène Zimmer
The Macroeconomic Expectations of U.S. Managers —
Michael Weber
, Ethan M. L. McClure
, Olivier Coibion
, and Yuriy Gorodnichenko

Public Policy and the Labor Market during COVID-19

Jesse Rothstein
Searching, Recalls, and Tightness: An Interim Report on the COVID Labor Market —
Eliza Forsythe
, Lisa Kahn
, Fabian Lange
, and David Wiczer
The Impact of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation on Job Search and Vacancy Creation —
Ioana Marinescu
, Daphne Skandalis
, and Daniel Zhao
The Targeting and Impact of Paycheck Protection Loans to Small Businesses —
Alexander Wickman Bartik
, Zoe Cullen
, Edward Glaeser
, Michael Luca
, and Christopher Stanton

Race, Gender, and Financial Well-Being

Trevon D. Logan
Black Land Loss: 1920-1970 —
Dania V. Francis
, Thomas Mitchell
, Darrick Hamilton
, and Bryce Wilson Stucki
Intersectionality and Financial Inclusion the United States —
Vicki Bogan
and Sarah Wolfolds
Who Do You Really Mean? At the Intersection of Race, Working Class Status, and Middle Class Attainment in Young Adults —
Fenaba R. Addo
Child-to-Parent Transfers, Social Security Eligibility and Wealth-Building among Adult Children —
Andria Smythe

Racial Inequality in Housing and Labor Markets

William E. Spriggs
Racial Inequality and Minimum Wages in Frictional Labor Markets —
Jesse Wursten
and Michael Reich
The Effects of the 1930s HOLC “Redlining” Maps —
Daniel Aaronson
, Daniel Hartley
, and Bhashkar Mazumder
Differential Effects of Labor Tightening on the Black-White Wage Gap the Role of the Minimum Wage —
Sarah AlHaif

Racism in the United States: Evidence from Economic History

Morgan Williams Jr.
Waves of Empowerment: Black Radio and the Civil Rights Movement —
Tianyi Wang
The Impact of Federal Housing Policies on Racial Inequality —
Omer Ali
White Southern Migrants and the Rise of the Modern Right in the U.S. —
Andreas Ferrara
Discrimination, Segregation, Integration and Expropriation —
Geoffrey Fain Williams

Recent History of Global Integration: The Globalization Wave of the 1980s and 1990s

Claudia Steinwender
The Trade Reform Wave of 1985-1995 —
Douglas A. Irwin
The Dismantling of Capital Controls after Bretton Woods —
Diana Van Patten
The Half-Century Resurgence of Global Migration: Origins and Consequences —
Michael A. Clemens

Recent Studies on Retirement Policy

Signe-Mary McKernan
Optimal Default Retirement Savings: Theory and Evidence from OregonSaves —
Mingli Zhong
Abandoned Retirement Savings —
Shanthi Ramnath
, Lucas Goodman
, and Anita Mukherjee
The Impact of Withdrawal Penalties on Retirement Savings —
Ellen Stuart
and Victoria L. Bryant
Investigating the Introduction of Fintech Advancement Aimed to Reduce Limited Attention regarding Inactive Savings Accounts – Data, Survey, and Field Experiment —
Maya Haran Rosen
and Orly Sade

Reducing the Reach of the Criminal Justice System

Michael Mueller-Smith
Do Police Make Too Many Arrests? —
Sungwoo Cho
, Felipe Goncalves
, and Emily Weisburst
Policing Substance Use: Chicago's Treatment Program for Narcotics Arrests —
Ashna Arora
and Panka Bencsik
Misdemeanor Prosecution —
Amanda Agan
, Jennifer Doleac
, and Anna Harvey
Parole Conditions and Early Release at the Margin —
Michael LaForest

Residential and K-12 School Segregation and Educational Inequality

Josh Angrist
The Impact of Neighborhood School Choice: Evidence from LA's Zone of Choice Program —
Chris Campos
and Kaitlin Kearns
Integrating New York City Schools: The Role of Admission Criteria and Family Preferences —
Clemence Idoux
The Long-Term Effects of Universal Preschool in Boston —
Guthrie Gray-Lobe
, Parag Pathak
, and Chris Walters
Is Busing Worth the Trip? School Travel Effects in Boston and New York —
Josh Angrist
, Guthrie Gray-Lobe
, Clemence Idoux
, and Parag Pathak

Residential Sorting and Segregation

Patrick Bayer
The Effects of Urban Renewal Programs on Segregation and Inequality —
Milena Almagro
, Eric Chyn
, and Bryan Stuart
The Long-Run Effects of Low-Income Housing on Neighborhood Composition —
Jesse Gregory
, Morris A. Davis
, and Daniel Hartley
Estimating Preferences for Neighborhood Amenities under Imperfect Information —
Maisy Wong
and Fernando Ferreira
A Unified Empirical Framework to Study Segregation —
Gregorio Caetano
and Vikram Maheshri

Revising the Social Cost of Carbon: Key Economic Policy Priorities

Gernot Wagner
Tamma Carleton
Kenneth Gillingham
Robert Kopp
, and
Fran Moore

School Segregation in the 21st Century US

Vikram Maheshri
The Consequences of the Resegregation of American Schools —
Rucker Johnson
Explaining Recent Trends in U.S. School Segregation —
Gregorio Caetano
and Vikram Maheshri
The Latinx Great Migration and its Effects on School Segregation —
Hedvig Horvath
, Angela Katelieva
, and Jamie McCasland
Dividing Lines: Racial Segregation across Local Government Boundaries —
Tomas Monarrez
and David Schönholzer
The Risks and Benefits of School Integration for Participating Students: Evidence from a Randomized Desegregation Program —
Peter Bergman

Secured versus Unsecured Debt

Victoria Ivashina
Collateral Reallocation —
Jason R. Donaldson
, Denis Gromb
, and Giorgia Piacentino
Two Tales of Debt —
Amir Kermani
and Yueran Ma
The Decline of Secured Debt —
Efraim Benmelech
, Nitish Kumar
, and Raghuram Rajan
Risk-Taking and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from Loans to SMEs and Large Firms —
Cecilia Caglio
, Matthew Darst
, and Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan

Small Business Credit

Adair Morse
Revenue Collapses and the Consumption of Small Business Owners in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic —
Olivia S. Kim
, Jonathan A. Parker
, and Antoinette Schoar
Term's Up: Banking on Small Business Credit Cards —
Matteo Benetton
, Greg Buchak
, and Claudia Robles-Garcia
How Much Do Small Businesses Rely on Personal Credit? —
Julia Fonseca
and Jialan Wang

Social Policies in Childhood and Health

Maya Rossin-Slater
Does Delivery of Primary Health Care Improve Birth Outcomes? Evidence from the Rollout of Community Health Centers —
Esra Kose
, Siobhan O'Keefe
, and Maria Rosales-Rueda
Covering Undocumented Immigrants: The Effects of a Large-Scale Prenatal Care Intervention —
Laura Wherry
and Sarah Miller
Effects of Food Stamp Roll-Out on Child Health and Human Capital: Evidence from NHIS —
Marianne Bitler
and Theodore Figinski
The Long-Run Effects of Childhood Exposure to Prohibition —
Kasey Buckles
and Joseph Price

Social Security Reform: An Updated Look at an Increasingly Urgent Issue

Mark Duggan
Karen Dynan
Doug Elmendorf
Alex Gelber
Louise Sheiner
Sita Slavov
, and
Kent Smetters