AEA Sessions from the 2022 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 07 — 09

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Environmental Externalities: The Role of Information, Standards and Enforcement

Christian Leuz
Regulating Untaxable Externalities: Are Vehicle Air Pollution Standards Effective and Efficient? —
Mark Jacobsen
, James Sallee
, Joseph S. Shapiro
, and Arthur van Benthem
Does Public Participation Matter? Evidence from a National-Scale Experiment on the Enforcement of Environmental Regulations in China —
Mark Buntaine
, Michael Greenstone
, Shaoda Wang
, Mengdi Liu
, and Bing Zhang
Internalizing Externalities Disclosure Regulation for Hydraulic Fracturing, Drilling Activity and Water Quality —
Pietro Bonetti
, Christian Leuz
, and Giovanna Michelon
Inequality, Information Failures and Air Pollution —
Catherine Hausman
and Samuel Stolper

Estimation of Dynamic Causal Effects in Macro: Promises and Pitfalls

Emi Nakamura
Structural Vector Autoregressions with Imperfect Identifying Information —
Christiane Baumeister
and James D. Hamilton
What Can We Learn from Sign-Restricted VARs? —
Christian K. Wolf
Signing Out Confounding Shocks in Variance-Maximizing Identifications —
Neville Francis
and Gene Kindberg-Hanlon
SVAR Identification from Higher Moments: Has the Simultaneous Causality Problem Been Solved? —
José Luis Montiel Olea
, Mikkel Plagborg-Møller
, and Eric Qian

Ethics, Transparency and Innovation in Economics Publishing

Edward Miguel
Pinelopi Goldberg
Imran Rasul
Andrew Foster
, and
Jeannie Suk Gersen

European Economic Association Lecture

Imran Rasul
Jan Eeckhout

Evaluating and Incentivizing Ideas

Kyle R. Myers
Financial and In-Kind Support for Alleviating Barriers to Innovation: Experimental Evidence from Innovation Contests —
Elizabeth Lyons
and Joshua Graff Zivin
Selecting Outlier Innovations: Experimental Evidence from a Global Pharmaceutical Firm —
Joshua Krieger
and Ramana Nanda
Generating Innovation in the Lab: A Randomized Controlled Experiment Inducing Novel Research in the Life Sciences —
Charles Ayoubi
, Kevin Boudreau
, Karim Lakhani
, and Jacqueline Lane
How Important is Editorial Gatekeeping? Evidence from Top Biomedical Journals —
Joshua Krieger
, Kyle R. Myers
, and Ariel Stern

Expectations and Macro-Finance

Emi Nakamura
Learning about the Long Run —
Leland Farmer
, Emi Nakamura
, and Jon Steinsson
The Profit-Credit Cycle —
Bjorn Richter
and Kaspar Zimmermann
Expectations and Bank Lending —
Yueran Ma
, Teodora Paligorova
, and José-Luis Peydró
Robust Inattentive Discrete Choice —
Lars Peter Hansen

Expectations, Beliefs and Behaviors during the Pandemic

Tao Wang
Biases in Information Selection and Processing: Survey Evidence from the Pandemic —
Basit A. Khan Zafar
, Ester Faia
, Andreas Fuster
, and Vincenzo Pezone
Social Networks Shape Beliefs and Behavior: Evidence from Social Distancing During the COVID-19 Pandemic —
Michael Bailey
, Drew M. Johnston
, Martin Koenen
, Theresa Kuchler
, Johannes Stroebel
, and Dominic Russel
Information Resonance —
Ulrike Malmendier
and Laura Veldkamp
Learning from Friends in a Pandemic: Social Networks and the Macroeconomic Response of Consumption —
Tao Wang
and Christos Makridis

Experimenting with Diversity toward Equality in the Workplace

Olga Shurchkov
When to Apply —
Katherine B. Coffman
, Manuela R. Collis
, and Leena Kulkarni
Competitiveness and Employability —
Elif E. Demiral
and Johanna Mollerstrom
Shine a Light (On the Bright): Awards and the Gender Gap In Knowledge Contributions in Stem —
Siri Isaksson
, Jana Gallus
, and Emma Heikensten
Who Values Diversity? —
Jeffrey Flory
, Andreas Leibbrandt
, Olga Shurchkov
, and Olga Stoddard
Does Competition Deter Women from Positions of Leadership? —
Daniel Jones
, Lise Vesterlund
, and Randy Walsh


Elizabeth Brainerd
Partisan Fertility and Presidential Elections —
Gordon Dahl
, William Mullins
, and Runjing Lu
The Effect of Abortion Legalization on Fertility, Marriage, and Long-Term Outcomes for Women —
Libertad Gonzalez
, Sergi Jiménez
, Judit Vall
, and Natalia Nollenberger
COVID-19 and the Future of U.S. Fertility: What Can We Learn from Google? —
Joshua Wilde
, Wei Chen
, and Sophie Lohmann
Blue Cross-Where Do I Go Now? The Role of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Fertility Decisions —
Bela Figge
The Labor Market Returns to Delaying Pregnancy —
Yana Gallen
, Juanna S. Joensen
, Eva Rye Johansen
, and Gregory Veramendi

Fertility, Family Planning, and Women’s Economic Well-being

Martha Bailey
Abortion Access and Women’s Economic Outcomes —
Kelly M. Jones
and Mayra Pineda Torres
Out of Labor and into the Labor Force? The Role of Abortion Access, Social Stigma, and Financial Constraints —
Tom Zohar
and Nina Brooks
Bring a Friend: Strengthening Women's Social Networks and Reproductive Autonomy in India —
S. Anukriti
, Catalina Herrera-Almanza
, and Mahesh Karra
Gender Disparities in Career Advancement Across the Transition to Parenthood: Evidence from the Marine Corps —
Jennifer Heissel
and Olivia Healy

Financial Technology, Access to Credit, and Behavioral Finance

Amit Seru
The Online Payday Loan Premium —
Jialan Wang
, Peter Han
, and Filipe Correia
Why Are Firms Slow to Adopt Profitable Opportunities? —
Sean Higgins
, Paul Gertler
, Ulrike Malmendier
, and Waldo Ojeda
Can FinTech Reduce Disparities in Access to Finance? Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program —
Isil Erel
and Jack Liebersohn
There's an App for That: Goal-Setting and Saving in the FinTech Era —
Alberto Rossi
and Antonio Gargano

Fiscal Policy

Raphaelle G. Coulombe
How Do Firms Form Preferences about Fiscal Policy? —
Davud Rostam-Afschar
, Florian Buhlmann
, Fabian Eble
, Laura Arnemann
, Philipp Dörrenberg
, Christopher Karlsson
, and Johannes Voget
Shake me the money! —
Andrew C. Chang
, Francesco Porcelli
, and Riccardo Trezzi
A Model of Anticipated Consumption Tax Changes —
Masashi Hino
The Effects of Government Spending in the Eurozone —
Mathias Klein
, Ricardo Duque Gabriel
, and Ana Sofia Pessoa
Big G —
Lydia Cox
, Gernot Mueller
, Ernesto Pasten
, Raphael Schoenle
, and Michael Weber

Gangs and the Rule of Law

Jonathan Kurzfeld
Ideas Have Consequences: The Impact of Law and Economics on American Justice —
Elliott Ash
, Daniel Chen
, and Suresh Naidu
Religious Leaders and Rule of Law —
Avner Seror
and Sultan Mehmood
Gang Rule: Understanding and Countering Criminal Governance —
Santiago Tobon
, Christopher Blattman
, Gustavo Duncan
, and Benjamin Lessing
Competition in the Black Market: Estimating the Causal Effect of Gangs in Chicago —
Jesse Bruhn
Practice beyond Education: Legal Leaders and Institutions —
Craig Brown

Gender and Job Preferences: New Methods and Data

Nicole Maestas
Wage Differentials and the Distribution of Job Amenity Values —
Marshall Drake
, Neil Thakral
, and Linh Tô
Preferences for Job Tasks and Gender Gaps in the Labor Market —
Madeleine Gelblum
What Do Jobseekers Want? Comparing Methods to Estimate Reservation Wages and the Value of Job Attributes —
Brian Feld
, AbdelRahman Nagy
, and Adam Osman

Gender and the Economics Profession

Donna Ginther
Invisible Hurdles: Gender and Institutional Bias in the Publication Process in Economics —
Fulya Ersoy
and Jennifer Pate
Gender Differences in Economics Course-Taking and Majoring: Findings from an RCT —
Elizabeth Powers
, Daniel Halim
, and Rebecca Thornton
Who Are the More Dismal Economists? Gender and Language in Academic Economics Research —
Lea Kosnik
Diversity and Scholarship in Economics —
Colleen Flaherty Manchester
and Melanie Wasserman

Gender Differences in Labor Market Effects

Johannes Schmieder
Stay or Go? Me or You? Occupational Licensure, Interstate Migration, and the Labor Market Outcomes of Husbands and Wives —
Janna E. Johnson
Selection, Time, and the Profile of Life Cycle Wages across Cohorts —
Richard Blundell
, Hugo Lopez Lopez
, and James P. Ziliak
The Geography of Jobs and the Gender Wage Gap —
Yichen Su
and Sitian Liu
Time Use and Happiness: Evidence across Three Decades —
Caspar Kaiser
and Jeehoon Han

Gendered Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Matthias Doepke
Social Distancing, Stimulus Payments, and Domestic Violence: Evidence from the U.S. during COVID-19 —
Bilge Erten
, Pinar Keskin
, and Silvia Prina
The Gendered Effects of COVID-19 on Time Use and Academic Research Productivity —
Tatyana Deryugina
, Olga Shurchkov
, and Jenna Stearns
The Impact of Covid-19 on Women’s Employment in Developing Countries —
Kristina Manysheva
, Matthias Doepke
, Michèle Tertilt
, and Titan Alon
COVID-19, Job Loss, and Intimate Partner Violence in Peru —
Jorge Agüero
, Erica Field
, Ignacio Rodriguez Hurtado
, and Javier Romero

Global Value Chains, Trade and Productivity

John Van Reenen
FDI and Superstar Spillovers: Evidence from Firm-to-Firm Transactions —
Mary Amiti
, Cedric Duprez
, Jozef Konings
, and John Van Reenen
Global Value Chain Tariffs: Implications for Trade Elasticities —
Rebecca Freeman
, Mario Larch
, Angelos Theodorakopoulos
, and Yoto Yotov
Language Barriers in Multinationals and Knowledge Transfers —
Louise Guillouët
, Amit Khandelwal
, Rocco Macchiavello
, and Matthieu Teachout
Management in Mexico: Market Size, Frictions and Misallocation —
Nicholas Bloom
, Leonardo Iacovone
, Mariana Pereira-López
, and John Van Reenen

Government Support for Small Businesses

Martina Jasova
Support for Small Businesses Amid COVID-19 —
Charles A.E. Goodhart
, Dimitrios P. Tsomocos
, and Xuan Wang
Motivating Banks to Lend? Understanding Bank Participation in the Main Street Lending Program —
Camelia Minoiu
, Rebecca Zarutskie
, and Andrei Zlate
The Impact of the Paycheck Protection Program on (Really) Small Businesses —
Allison Cole
Can the Federal Reserve Effectively Target Main Street? Evidence from the 1970s Recession —
John Kandrac

Hidden Debt

Bulent Guler
Undisclosed Debt Sustainability —
Laura Alfaro
and Fabio Kanczuk
Asymmetric Information and Sovereign Debt: Theory Meets Mexican Data —
Guillermo Ordoñez
, Harold Cole
, and Daniel Neuhann
Hidden Defaults —
Sebastian Horn
, Christoph Trebesch
, and Carmen M. Reinhart
Hidden Debt —
Bulent Guler
, Yasin Kursat Önder
, and Temel Taskin