Labor Markets and the Transmission of Macroeconomic Shocks

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Alan Finkelstein Shapiro
, Tufts University

Do Sticky Wages Matter? New Evidence from Matched Firm-Survey and Register Data

Anne Kathrin Funk
ETH Zurich
Daniel Kaufmann
University of Neuchatel

Employment Response of Small and Large Firms to Monetary Policy Shocks

Anastasia Zervou
University of Texas-Austin
Aarti Singh
University of Sydney
Jacek Suda
Narodowy Bank Polski and Warsaw School of Economics

Minimum Wages and the Rigid-Wage Channel of Monetary Policy

Brian Wheaton
University of California-Los Angeles and Hoover Institution
Robert Minton
Harvard University

Persistent Monetary Policy in a Model with Labor Market Frictions

Elizaveta Lukmanova
KU Leuven
Roman Goncharenko
Katholieke University-Leuven