CSWEP Mentoring Breakfasts

To encourage peer networking among mid-career and senior female economists and to foster communication between junior and senior members of the economics profession, CSWEP typically sponsors three mentoring breakfasts during the AEA Meetings. Mentoring Breakfasts for Junior Economists are customarily held on the first and third mornings of the meetings and a Peer Mentoring Breakfast for Mid-Career Economists is held on the second morning of the meetings.  

Photo_Mentoring-Breakfasts.pngParticipants at the 4th Annual Mentoring Breakfast for Junior Economists speak with Wilbert van der Klaauw,
Federal Reserve Board of New York, about the life of a non-academic economist.

Mentoring Breakfasts for Junior Economists

At these informal meet and greet events, senior economists (predominately senior women) are pre-assigned to one of a variety of topical tables to provide mentoring advice to junior economists in areas such as research and publishing, tenure and promotion, non-academic careers, grant writing, teaching, work-life balance and the job market. Senior economists who have already committed to attend one or both of breakfasts represent a wide variety of institutions, including, but not limited to, Boston University, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Emory, Furman, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Michigan, Texas A&M, UC-Berkeley, UC-Davis, UC-San Diego, UC-Santa Barbara, US Air Force Academy, UT-Austin, Wesleyan, Yale, the Federal Reserve, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

Male and female junior economists who have completed their PhD in the past 7 years and graduate students who are on the job market are invited to register. Participants are provided with a list of senior mentors and their topics in advance (click here for a sample Senior Mentor Roster). At the breakfast, junior participants rotate between tables at 20-minute intervals based on their own interests. With three senior mentors per table each hosting a conversation with up to three junior participants, the breakfasts typically average a mentor-mentee ratio of 1:3. Breakfast is provided. 

The 12th Annual Mentoring Breakfasts for Junior Economists will be held at the 2024 AEA Meetings in San Antonio, Texas. 

CSWEP historically hosts two in-person mentoring breakfasts for junior economists at the AEA meetings. More information will be posted in the fall. 

Peer Mentoring Breakfast for Mid-Career Economists

In 2015, in response to the interest expressed by many more senior economists, CSWEP began organizing a peer mentoring breakfast for mid-career economists.  This mentoring experience is intended for female economists who are tenured academics at either associate or full rank or non-academics who are 10+ years post-PhD. Breakfast tables are organized around common interests with each table moderated by two senior facilitators. The event opens with brief talks from two senior mentors. Then each table comes together to network and have its own Q&A session. The event concludes with participants engaging in a full group Q&A session. Click here for a sample Agenda. Breakfast is provided.

The 10th Annual Peer Mentoring Breakfast for Mid-Career Economists will be held at the 2024 AEA Meetings in San Antonio, Texas. More information will be posted in the fall.