American Economic Journal Best Papers

Enrico Moretti, recipient of the
2015 AEJ: Applied Economics Best Paper Award

François Gourio, recipient of the
2015 AEJ: Macroeconomics Best Paper Award

Kenneth Hendricks, recipient of the
2015 AEJ: Microeconomics Best Paper Award
(Alan Sorensen and Thomas Wiseman, not pictured)

Alan J. Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko,
recipients of the
2015 AEJ: Economic Policy Best Paper Award


Year Name Journal Title
2015 Enrico Moretti AEJ: Applied Economics, 5 (1) Real Wage Inequality
  François Gourio AEJ: Macroeconomics, 5 (3) Credit Risk and Disaster Risk
  Kenneth Hendricks, Alan Sorensen and Thomas Wiseman AEJ: Microeconomics, 4 (1) Observational Learning and Demand for Search Goods
  Alan J. Auerbach and Yuriy Gorodnichenko AEJ: Economic Policy, 4 (2) Measuring the Output Responses to Fiscal Policy

2014 Pascaline Dupas AEJ: Applied Economics, 3 (1) Do Teenagers Respond to HIV Risk Information? Evidence from a Field Experiment in Kenya
  Michael W. L. Elsby and Ryan Michaels AEJ: Macroeconomics, 5 (1) Marginal Jobs, Heterogeneous Firms, and Unemployment Flows
  Susan Athey, Dominic Coey, and Jonathan Levin AEJ: Microeconomics, 5 (1) Set-Asides and Subsidies in Auctions
  Paul Niehaus and Sandip Sukhtankar AEJ: Economic Policy, 5 (4) Corruption Dynamics: The Golden Goose Effect

2013 Philip Oreopoulos, Till von Wachter, Andrew Heisz AEJ: Applied Economics, 4 (1) The Short- and Long-Term Career Effects of Graduating in a Recession
  Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Laura Feiveson, Zachary Liscow, William Gui Woolston AEJ: Economic Policy, 4 (3) Does State Fiscal Relief During Recessions Increase Employment? Evidence from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
  Jennifer Hunt and Marjolaine Gauthier-Loiselle AEJ: Macroeconomics, 2 (2) How Much Does Immigration Boost Innovation?
  Michael Ostrovsky and Michael Schwarz AEJ: Microeconomics, 2 (2) Information Disclosure and Unraveling in Matching Markets

2012 Petia Topalova AEJ: Applied Economics, 2 (4) Factor Immobility and Regional Impacts of Trade Liberalization: Evidence on Poverty from India
  Raj Chetty AEJ: Economic Policy, 1 (2) Is the Taxable Income Elasticity Sufficient to Calculate Deadweight Loss? The Implications of Evasion and Avoidance
  Michael Woodford AEJ: Macroeconomics, 3 (1) Simple Analytics of the Government Expenditure Multiplier
  Glenn Ellison and Sara Fisher Ellison AEJ: Microeconomics, 3 (1) Strategy Entry Deterrence and the Behavior of Pharmaceutical Incumbents Prior to Patent Expiration

2011 Hoyt Bleakley AEJ: Applied Economics, 2 (2) Malaria Eradication in the Americas: A Retrospective Analysis of Childhood Exposure
  Emmanuel Saez AEJ: Economic Policy, 2 (3) Do Taxpayers Bunch at Kink Points?
  Valerie Ramey and Neville Francis AEJ: Macroeconomics, 1 (2) A Century of Work and Leisure
  Alex Gershkov and Benny Moldovanu AEJ: Microeconomics, 1 (2) Dynamic Revenue Maximization with Heterogeneous Objects: A Mechanism Design Approach









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