AEACGR: Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges for Economics

Ideas for Future Research in the Economics of Health and Aging

Following presentations by economists to NIA under the auspices of the AEACGR, the Committee surveyed NIA economist grantees about gaps in our knowledge of the economics of aging and health and suggestions for research topics with potentially high scientific yields. An overview and summary of specific recommendations of over 30 distinguished economists is available here.


Presentations at NIA on The Contributions of Economics to Aging Research

Robert Moffitt Contributions of Economists and Economics to Study of Aging
Jonathan Skinner Health Economics and the National Institute on Aging
Alan B. Krueger Reflections on the Use of Economic Research in Government during the Great Recession
David Laibson Behavioral Economics and Behavior Change
James Poterba Economics Research on Aging: An Input to the Entitlement Reform Debate


ASSA Meetings Denver 2011 Session on "Grand Challenges for Social Science Research: The Perspectives of Economists"

Myron Gutmann Panel Moderator, National Science Foundation
Nicholas Bloom Grand Challenges for the Social Sciences
Esther Duflo  
Robert Hall  
James Poterba Research Opportunities in Economics: The Decade Ahead
James Heckman A Research Agenda for Understand the Dynamics of Skill Formation in American Society
Emmanuel Saez Expanding Access to Administrative Data for Research in the United States


"Grand Challenge" White Papers for NSF

In 2010 the National Science Foundation requested white papers "to frame innovative research for the year 2020 and beyond" in the social and behavioral sciences. A compendium of the abstracts of the 244 papers received is available here. Individual papers are available here.

Fifty-four papers of interest to economists (including papers not available through NSF) can be accessed through SSRN as a compendium or as individual papers.