Eastern Economic Association (EEA) 45th Annual Conference

February 28-March 3, 2019, New York Sheraton, New York, New York
Organizer: Karen Smith Conway


Roundtable: Organizational and other Survival Skills for Economists

Saturday, March 2, 9:30-10:50AM 

Session Organizer: Karen Conway, University of New Hampshire

Laura Argys, University of Colorado-Denver
Susan Averett, Lafayette College
Hope Corman, Ryder University
Dhaval Dave, Bentley University
Joyce Jacobsen, Wesleyan University
Amanda Ross, University of Alabama

CSWEP Sessions

Friday, March 1 

10:00-11:20AM: Medicaid and Other State Health Policies

Session Chair: Hope Corman (Rider University & NBER)
Session Organizers: Shooshan Danagoulian (Wayne State University), Karen Conway (University of New Hampshire)

  • Shooshan Danagoulian (Wayne State University), Alexander Janke (Yale School of Medicine), Phillip Levy (Wayne School of Medicine), "Medicaid Expansion After the ACA: Intensity of Treatment and Billing in Emergency Departments"
  • Sayeh Nikpay (Vanderbilt University), "What Else Does Medicaid do? Medicaid Coverage, Safety-net Burden, and Hospital Safety-net Subsidies"
  • Yaa Akosa Antwi (John Hopkins University), "Long-term Effect of Public Health Insurance on Criminal Behavior"
  • Anca M. Grecu (Seton Hall University), "PDMPs and Changes in Individuals' Pain Perceptions"

Discussants: Sayeh Nikpay, Vanderbilt University; Jessica Sauve-Syed, Furman University; Hope Corman, Rider University & NBER; Molly M. Jacobs, East Carolina University

1:00-2:20PM: Health Economics & Policy Studies

Session Chair and Organizer: Joseph J. Sabia (San Diego State University and University of New Hampshire)

  • Susan Averett (Lafayette College & IZA), Julie K. Smith (Lafayette College), Yang Wang (University of Wisconsin- Madison), "Minimum Wages and the Health of Immigrants' Children"
  • Joseph J. Sabia (San Diego State University, University of New Hampshire, IZA), D. Mark Anderson (Montana State University, NBER & IZA), Toshio Ferrazares (San Diego State University), "Do Gun Buyback Programs Backfire?"
  • Gokhan Kumpas (University of New Hampshire), Joseph J. Sabia (San Diego State University and University of New Hampshire), Daniel I. Rees (University of Colorado Denver & IZA), "Anti-Bullying Laws and Youth Suicide"
  • Dhaval Dave (Bentley University & NBER), Muzhe Yang (Lehigh University), "Maternal and Fetal Health Effects of Working during Pregnancy"

Discussants: Joseph J. Sabia, San Diego State University, University of New Hampshire, IZA; Dhaval Dave, Bentley University & NBER; Laura Argys, University of Colorado-Denver & IZA; Thanh Tam Nguyen, University of New Hampshire

2:30-3:50PM: Economics Issues Related to Maternal and Child Health

Session Chair and Organizer: Pinka Chatterji (The University at Albany)

  • Molly M. Jacobs (East Carolina University), "Latent Class Analysis of Adolescent Health Behaviors"
  • Hope Corman (Rider University & NBER), Dhaval Dave (Bentley University & NBER), Ariel Kalil (University of Chicago), Ofira Schwartz-Soicher (Princeton University), Nancy E. Reichman (Rutgers University), "Effects of Welfare Reform on Health and Health Behaviors of Teens"
  • Jun Soo Lee (The University at Albany), "Does Seasonality of Birth Outcomes Really Exist?: Evidence from Weather Conditions during Pregnancy"
  • Pinka Chatterji (The University at Albany), Sara Markowitz (Emory University & NBER), "An Exploratory Study of the Social and Economic Determinants of Maternal Morbidity in the U.S."

Discussants: Pinka Chatterji, The University at Albany; Jun Soo Lee, The University at Albany, Dhaval Dave, Bentley University & NBER; Ludovica Gazze, University of Chicago

4:00-5:20PM: Semi-parametric and Nonparametric Applications and Methods

Session Chair and Organizer: Alice Sheehan (University of Alabama)

  • Teresa Harrison (Drexel University), Daniel J. Henderson (University of Alabama), Deniz Ozabaci (University of New Hampshire), Christopher A. Laincz (Drexel University), "Productivity of Fundraising: The Importance of Nonlinearities, Interactions, and a Flexible Specification"
  • Jinjing Tian (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics), Taining Wang (West Virginia University), Feng Yao (West Virginia University), "Semiparametric Stochastic Frontier Model Analysis with Zero Inefficiency: A Case Study of China with Panel Data"
  • Taining Wang (West Virginia University), Xiaoqi Zhang (ZheJiang University of Finance and Economics), Jinjing Tian (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics), "A Semiparametric Stochastic Frontier Model with Constrained Nonparametric Determinants of Inefficiency"
  • Deniz Ozabaci (University of New Hampshire), "Revisiting Nonseparability: An Empirical Comparison"

Discussants: Alice Sheehan, University of Alabama; Teresa Harrison, Drexel University; Taining Wang, West Virginia University; Deniz Ozabaci, University of New Hampshire

Saturday, March 2

8:00-9:20AM: Pedagogy and Teaching Economics: Needs of the Job Market and Long-Term Skills

Session Organizer and Organizer: Devaki Chandra (Summer Institute of the Gifted)

  • Prathibha Joshi (Gordon State College), "Adapting Existing Teaching Strategies and Practices to Improve Student Learning in Principles Classes"
  • Devaki Chandra (Summer Institute of the Gifted), "College-Readiness as It Relates to Human Capital Development in the U.S."
  • Mary Lo Re (Wagner College), "Financial Risk Modeling: Statistical-based Teaching Considerations"
  • Natalia V Smirnova (University of Connecticut) Tom Daly (Norman Rockwell Museum), "Teaching Economics Through Art"

Discussants: Devaki Chandra, Summer Institute of the Gifted; Prathibha Joshi, Gordon State College; Mary Lo Re, Wagner College; Natalia V Smirnova, University of Connecticut

9:30-10:50AM: Lead, Pollution and Health

Session Chair and Organizer: Shooshan Danagoulian (Wayne State University)

  • Shooshan Danagoulian (Wayne State University), Derek Jenkins (Wayne State University), "Maternal Health and Pregnancy Exposure to Lead: A Case Study of Flint, Michigan"
  • Xi Chen (Yale University), Hao Deng (Yale University), Yawei Zhang (Yale University), "Beyond Birth Weight: Identifying Early Life Exposure to Air Pollution through the Lens of Prenatal Ultrasound Scans"
  • Ludovica Gazze (University of Chicago), Jennifer A. Heissel (Naval Postgraduate School), "Lead in the Water: An Analysis of Blood Lead Levels Before, During, and After a Pipe Replacement"
  • Jessica Sauve-Syed (Furman University), “Lead Exposure and Student Outcomes: A Study of Flint Schools”

Discussants: Xi Chen, Yale University; Shooshan Danagoulian, Wayne State University; Monica Deza, Hunter College; Ludovica Gazze, University of Chicago

11:00AM-12:20PM: Factors Affecting Health Outcomes and Related Behaviors

Session Chair: Yaa Akosa Antwi (John Hopkins University)
Session Organizer: Karen Conway (University of New Hampshire)

  • Mayra Pineda Torres (Texas A&M University), Jason M. Lindo (Texas A&M University), “Reassessing the Effects of Mandatory Waiting Periods for Abortion
  • Patralekha Ukil (University of Connecticut), "Parental Economic Shocks and Infant Health"
  • Chia-Lun Liu (Lehigh University), Martin Halla (Johannesaz, Austria, Christian Doppler Laboratory Aging Health, and the Labor Market, IZA, Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn.,GOG, Austrian Public Health Institute, Vienna), Jin-Tan Liu (NTU, National Taiwan University, NBER, Cambridge, MA), "The Effects of Superstition on Health Outcomes: Evidence from the Taiwanese Ghost Month"
  • Aaron Chalfin (University of Pennsylvania) Shooshan Danagoulian (Wayne State University), Monica Deza (Hunter College), "More Sneezing, Less Crime? Seasonal Allergies, Transitory Costs and the Market for Offenses"

Discussants: Anca M. Grecu, Seton Hall University; Chia-Lun Liu, Lehigh University; Christina Jenq NYU-Shanghai; Yaa Akosa Antwi, John Hopkins University

1:00-2:20PM: Gender, Discrimination and Labor Markets

Session Chair: Sabrina Terrizzi (Moravian College)
Session Organizer: Karen Conway (University of New Hampshire)

  • Christina Jenq (NYU-Shanghai), Albert Park (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), "The Gender Wage Gap in China: Evidence from the China Employer Employee Survey"
  • Christine L. Storrie (SUNY-Oneonta), Taylor W. Lee (Pennsylvania State University), "The U. S. Gender Earnings Gap: A State- Level Analysis"
  • Mahesh Dahal (University of Connecticut), "Entrepreneurship among Migrant Households and Migrant-sending Communities: Evidence from Nepal"
  • Sanae Tashiro (Rhode Island College), "SNAP Recipients' Allocation of Time to the Labor Market"

Discussants: Sanae Tashiro, Rhode Island College; Kusum Mundra, Rutgers University; Patralekha Ukil, University of Connecticut; Sabrina Terrizzi, Moravian College

2:30-3:50PM: Provision and Transmission across Generations

Session Chair: Catalina Herrera Almanza (Northeastern University)
Session Organizer: Karen Conway (University of New Hampshire)

  • Esra Kose (Bucknell University), "Intergenerational Health Effects of Head Start"
  • Catalina Herrera Almanza (Northeastern University), Jorge Aguero (University of Connecticut), Kira Villa (University of New Mexico), "Human Capital and the Intergenerational Transmission of Intimate Partner Violence in a Developing Country Setting"
  • Monica Carney (College of the Holy Cross), "Trade-Offs in Intergenerational Family Care Provision"

Discussants: Monica Carney, College of the Holy Cross; Catalina Herrera Almanza, Northeastern University; Mahesh Dahal, University of Connecticut; Esra Kose, Bucknell University

4:00-5:20PM: Political Economy, Inequality and the Public Sector

Session Chair: Jessica Hennessey (Furman University)
Session Organizer: Karen Conway (University of New Hampshire)

  • Jessica Hennessey (Furman University), "The Impact of Volunteer Tax Assistance on EITC Participation and Claims"
  • Marina Azzimonti (Stony Brook University), Laura Karpuska (Stony Brook University), "The Political Dynamics of Debt and Entitlements"
  • Heidi Garrett-Peltier (University of Massachusetts), "A Public Sector for the Public Good"
  • Debra Israel (Indiana State University), "Evidence for a Green Gender Gap"

Discussants: Taylor W. Lee, Pennsylvania State University; Jessica Hennessey, Furman University; Laura Karpuska, Stony Brook University; Heidi Garrett-Peltier, University of Massachusetts

Karen Smith Conway, Eastern Representative
John A. Hogan Distinguished Professor of Economics
University of New Hampshire
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