CSWEP Mission Statement

Adopted September 16, 1997

CSWEP was founded in 1971 to eliminate discrimination against women, and to redress the low representation of women, in the economics profession. CSWEP is based on the principle that economics is a woman's field as much as it is a man's field. It is comprised of women and men in the diverse areas of the profession - in academia, government, and business. CSWEP works to assure that women's issues are considered in the committee work of the American Economic Association (AEA), makes an annual report to the AEA on the status of women in the economics profession, and engages in other efforts to promote the advancement of women in the economics profession.

Resolution Adopted by the American Economic Association - December 28, 1971

I. RESOLVED that the American Economic Association declares that economics is not exclusively a man's field. The Association herewith adopts a positive program to eliminate sex discrimination among economists, whether employed in universities and colleges, industry, finance, publishing, or other endeavors. The President shall make known, by all available means, the Association's adoption of the following principles:

a) To redress the present low representation of women in the economics profession, the Association shall actively encourage the study of economics by women at all levels of education.

b) No academic institution or department shall discriminate against women in admission to studies in economics or in the form or amount of financial aid. Every economics department shall actively encourage qualified women graduate student s without regard to age, marital or family status, and shall actively promote their subsequent employment.

c) No employer, academic or otherwise, may discriminate against qualified women economists as candidates or positions, or for promotion or tenure, or for assignment of duties and responsibilities.

d) Salaries, fringe benefits, and facilities and resources for research for women shall be the same as those for men in the same position and rank.

e) There shall be no distinction between men and women as to what is considered to constitute full-time employment.

f) Employment may not be refused to any qualified economist on the grounds of family relationship to another employee.

II. RESOLVED that the American Economics Association establish a Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession, numbering at least eight persons to be appointed by the President for a term of three years. The Association shall provide or seek funds for this Committee to investigate the extent of conformity to the principles stated above, and shall make recommendations for affirmative action. The Committee shall present an interim report at the next annual meeting. Its general findings, conclusions, and recommendations shall be published by the American Economic Association upon the Committee's request. When the Committee finds evidence of discrimination against women, it shall make this available for publication by the American Economic Association, and for the Association to present, as amicus curiae, in any complaint, remedial action or suit.

III. RESOLVED that the American Economic Association shall encourage flexibility in providing opportunities for education and employment on a part-time basis for both men and women.

IV. RESOLVED that the American Economics Association shall appoint women economists as members of the editorial boards of its economics journals, that is shall actively encourage the appointment of women as program chairmen and participants at all future meetings, and that is shall urge companion associations to follow its example.

V. RESOLVED that with a view to a radical improvement of the hiring practices in the economics profession, the President and the Executive Committee appoint a committee to recommend to the next annual meeting a code of procedure including among other reforms an open listing of all employment opportunities.

VI. RESOLVED that to facilitate attendance at its meetings, especially by younger members of the profession, the American Economic Association shall provide well publicized child care arrangements at future sessions.