CSMGEP: Programs

CSMGEP Programs include the Mentoring Program, the Summer Training Program, and the Summer Economics Fellows Program


Mentoring Program 

In the mid-1990s, CSMGEP created a Mentoring Program for students accepted or enrolled in a PhD program in economics; since then the program has expanded to include new doctorates as well. Students are matched with a mentor who sees the student through the critical junctures of their graduate program (including the transition from course work to research) or the early stages of their post-graduate career. The Mentoring Program also hosts an annual Summer Mentoring Pipeline Conference to which all participants and their mentors are invited. The conference, which is held each year at the AEA Summer Training Program, facilitates contacts among minority students in different schools and at different stages in the pipeline.

Mentoring Program's primary objectives include:

  • Increasing the number of underrepresented minorities who complete doctorate degrees in economics; and
  • Diversifying the demographic composition of the economics profession, including the professorate, through mentoring and providing research and professional development opportunities to emerging economists from traditionally underrepresented groups.

Summer Training Program

Since 1974, the AEA Summer Training program and Scholarship Program have increased diversity by preparing talented undergraduates for doctoral programs in Economics and related disciplines. The program uniquely enables students to develop and solidify technical skills in preparation for the rigors of graduate studies. As many as 20% of PhDs awarded to minorities in economics over the past 20 years are graduates of the program.

All students receive eight weeks of intensive training in microeconomics, math, econometrics and research methods. At 3 credits per class, students have the opportunity to earn 12 college credits. The Summer Training Program has been hosted by Howard University since 2020. Please email aeasp@howard.edu for details.

Summer Economics Fellows Program

Sponsored by the American Economic Association and the National Science Foundation, the Summer Economics Fellows Program is designed to increase the participation and advancement of women and underrepresented minorities in economics. Fellows would spend a summer in residence at a sponsoring research institution, such as a Federal Reserve Bank or other public agency. Summer economics fellowships are available to senior graduate students and junior faculty.