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What is the Mentoring Program and How do I Get Involved?

The Mentoring Program was established in the mid-1990s by the American Economic Association Committee on the Status of Minorities in the Economics Profession to address the under-representation of minorities among those entering and/or completing doctorate degrees in economics.  The program matches African-American, Latino, and Native American economics Ph.D. students and new doctorates with mentors in the field, and also facilitates networking between more senior economists and students at all stages of the educational and early-career pipeline.

  • Interested in becoming a mentee? Follow the link to submit your application.
  • Interested in becoming a mentor? Follow the link for the mentor application.

AEA Mentoring Program – Call for Proposals

The AEA Mentoring Program currently provides funding to support the research and travel of economics Ph.D. students in the Program.  Publications in high quality academic journals represent the major path to successful employment as an academic economist, researcher at a think tank, business economist, or public policy expert.  Accordingly, the allocation of travel and research funds is oriented toward those activities that increase the probability of producing high quality journal articles.

Those awarded grants must submit a report on their activities to the Director of the AEA Mentoring Program within one month of completing the activity.  Publications, presentations, and other scholarly work that result from or are enhanced by the supported activity must acknowledge the AEA Mentoring Program.

Please submit the application cover page, along with your proposed activity and detailed budget.

Highest Priority

i)      Presentation of papers at the AEA/ASSA annual meetings or major “regional” economics conferences (Southern, Eastern, Western, and Mid-Western).

ii)     Participation in a major scholarly conference or seminar oriented toward skill enhancement (for example, the NBER Summer Institute, the PSID workshop, NSF workshops, seminars on recent advances in a specific area of research, etc.).

iii)    Participation in all of the AEA Mentoring Program’s Slate of Activities at the AEA/ASSA annual meetings: (1) Meeting with your mentor or other senior-level economists to discuss research for at least two hours; (2) Participate in the Joint CSMGEP/NEA/ASHE Reception; (3) Attend the CSMGEP Dissertation Session; and (4) Attend any three additional sessions sponsored by CSMGEP, the NEA, or ASHE. (Contact the Director of the Mentoring Program for the specific times/dates.)


i)      Travel to do research with the mentor;

ii)     Participating as discussants, chairing a session, or presenting posters at the AEA/ASSA annual meetings or major “regional” economics conferences;

iii)    Presentation of papers at national or regional conferences other than the AEA/ASSA annual meetings and major “regional” economics conferences (Southern, Eastern, Western, and Mid-Western).


i)    Travel to do research with a co-author at another institution.

ii)    Attendance at the AEA/ASSA annual meetings or major “regional” economics conferences (Southern, Eastern, Western, and Mid-Western);

iii)   Purchase data that are not otherwise available but critical for the research; 

iv)   Limited travel expenses while engaged in research, such as traveling to collect data.

Deadlines for Funding Requests – For Full Consideration

Activity Period


October 1st – December 31st

August 15th

January 1st – April 30th

October 1st

May 1st – September 30th

March 1st

Depending on funding availability, additional requests may also be considered after these deadlines.

Join the Mentoring Program Email List!

Mentees, mentors, and friends are invited to join the email list of the Economics Mentoring Program. To do so, please contact Professor Trevon Logan at AEAMentoring@gmail.com.  Please include “Econ Mentoring Program” in the subject.