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What's needed for graduate study?

Students who consider graduate study in economics might seek MAs or PhDs in economics. Students need not major in economics as undergraduates to pursue graduate study. Preparation in mathematics, however, is increasingly important with completion of courses in calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, and real analysis usually expected before enrollment. The AEA offers more information about graduate study in economics.

MA programs in economics

Here is a commercial website with links to graduate programs in economics,  including masters programs.

Applied economics programs

PhD programs in applied economics are sometimes found in colleges of agriculture or schools of business and give more attention to specific policy areas.

PhD programs in economics

Webpages with advice on preparing for graduate study

Students who are interested in graduate study may be interested in the opportunities offered undergraduates to participate in workshops, present their essays at professional meetings, and to publish their essays in peer-reviewed journals.

This website provides links to international programs.












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