• Journal of Economic Perspectives (JEP) -- our most widely circulated publication, covering broad economics topics, is already available at no charge for everyone.
  • Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) -- survey articles plus book reviews.
  • American Economic Review (AER) -- one of the most recognizable economics journals in the world. The May (Papers and Proceedings) issue contains short papers presented at the annual AEA meeting, the largest gathering of economists in the world today.
  • American Economic Review: Insights (AERI) -- devoted to publishing papers with important insights that can be conveyed succinctly.
  • American Economics Journals (AEJs) -- four field-specific journals covering applied economics, economic policy, macroeconomics, and microeconomics.

Online editions contain summaries so you can easily assess the scope and scale of each article. Eligible students must be of high-school age; proof may be required upon request. 

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