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Reviewer Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted to the AEJ: Macroeconomics are reviewed in a single-blind fashion. Because the referee(s) should remain anonymous to authors, we ask you not to use your name in the body or filename of your report.

All manuscript submissions are accompanied by individual disclosure statements from each coauthor. However, recommendations should not be based on whether potential conflicts of interest exist, but on whether the conclusions in the paper are robust, credible, and worthy of publication.

The AEA uses ScholarOne Manuscripts for submission and peer review tracking. To see more information and instructions for submitting a review, log in and navigate to your Reviewer Center.

We encourage you to read the brief set of guidelines on referee reports prepared by Econometrica and the more detailed guidelines published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives by Jonathan Berk, Campbell Harvey, and David Hirshleifer. These guidelines do not represent official AEA policy, but you may find them helpful.