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JEP in the Classroom

Some JEP Articles Recommended for Classroom Use

jep_in_classroom.jpg Between February and May 2018, the editors of the Journal of Economic Perspectives sent out several requests for faculty members to send us JEP articles that they were using on their syllabus or in the classroom. For a description of the responses received, how they were categorized, and some lessons the editors learned from the exercise, see the article in this journal: “Some Journal of Economic Perspectives Articles Recommended for Classroom Use,” Journal of Economic Perspectives, Summer 2019, pp. 243-48.


Here, we have divided the suggested articles into the following 33 categories. Under each heading the papers are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent publications at the top.

Principles or Introductory Course
Intermediate Microeconomics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Money and Banking
Financial Markets
Experimental Methods
Labor Economics
Health Economics
Public Finance
Behavioral Economics
Game Theory
Social Norms and Networks
Industrial Organization
Law and Economics
Household Economics
Immigration and Emigration
Economic History
Urban Economics
Sports Economics
Europe: Topics Course
China: Topics Course
Soviet and Post-Soviet: Topics Course
Japan: Topics Course
Latin America: Topics Course
Middle East: Topics Course
Public Policy
Political Economy
Economics Profession