AEA Sessions from the 2022 ASSA Annual Meeting

January 07 — 09

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Choice and Competition in Education Markets

Ali Hortaçsu
School Choice, Competition, and Aggregate School Quality —
Michael Gilraine
, Uros Petronijevic
, and John D. Singleton
Search Costs, Biased Beliefs and School Choice under Endogenous Consideration Sets —
Patrick Agte
, Claudia Allende
, Adam Kapor
, and Christopher Neilson
The Equilibrium Effects of Public Provision in Education Markets: Evidence from a Public School —
Michael Dinerstein
, Christopher Neilson
, and Sebastian Otero
Teacher Labor Market Equilibrium and Student Achievement —
Michael Bates
, Michael Dinerstein
, Andrew Johnston
, and Isaac Sorkin

Cities and Local Public Goods

Christopher R. Knittel
Distributed Effects of Climate Policy: A Machine Learning Approach —
Tomas Green
and Christopher R. Knittel
The Role of People versus Places in Individual Carbon Emissions —
Eva Lyubich
The Value of Piped Water and Sewers: Evidence from 19th Century Chicago —
Matthew Turner
, Michael Coury
, Toru Kitagawa
, and Allison Shertzer
The Fast, the Slow, and the Congested: Urban Transportation in Rich and Poor Countries —
Prottoy Akbar
, Victor Couture
, Gilles Duranton
, and Adam Storeygard

Climate Change

Marc Conte
Climate Royalty Surcharges —
James H. Stock
and Brian Prest
Introduction to the U.S. Global Change Research Program for the Economics Community —
Austin Scheetz
and Fredric Lipschultz
The Effects of Climate Change on Labor and Capital Reallocation —
Jacopo Ponticelli
, Paula Bustos
, and Christoph Albert
Carbon Pricing and Firm-Level CO2 Abatement: Evidence from a Quarter of a Century-Long Panel —
Per Strömberg
, Gustav Martinsson
, Laszlo Sajtos
, and Christian Thomann

Corporate Taxes and Firms' Behaviors

Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato
Taxes Depress Corporate Borrowing: Evidence from Private Firms —
Ivan T. Ivanov
, Luke Pettit
, and Toni Whited
Capital Investment and Labor Demand —
Mark Curtis
, Daniel G. Garrett
, Eric Ohrn
, Kevin A. Roberts
, and Juan Carlos Suarez Serrato
Higher Dividend Taxes, No Problem! Evidence from Taxing Entrepreneurs in France —
Adrien Matray
and Charles Boissel
Capital Taxation and Entrepreneurship —
Kate Smith
and Helen Miller

Costs of COVID-19

Robin McKnight
Civil Liberties in Times of Crisis —
Marcella Alsan
, Stefanie Stantcheva
, David Y. Yang
, Luca Bragheri
, and Sarah Eichmeyer
Social Repercussions of Pandemics —
Philip Barrett
and Sophia Chen
Living On My Own: The Impact of an Epidemic on Housing Preferences —
Elisa Guglielminetti
, Michele Loberto
, Giordano Zevi
, and Roberta Zizza
Mental Health Care Consumption in the Pandemic: Estimating Impacts of Benefit Payments and Increased Access —
Madeline Reed
and J. Michael Collins
The Impact of Increased Access to Telemedicine —
Dan Zeltzer
, Liran Einav
, Joseph Rashba
, and Ran D. Balicer

Credit and Finance During COVID-19

Andrew Fieldhouse
Business Exit During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Non-Traditional Measures in Historical Context —
Leland Crane
, Ryan Decker
, Aaron Flaaen
, Adrian Hamins-Puertolas
, and Christopher Kurz
COVID-19 and Credit Constraints: Survey Evidence from Italian Firms —
Marco Brianti
, Fabio Schiantarelli
, Emanuele Brancati
, and Pierluigi Balduzzi
Credit and Liquidity Policies during Large Crises —
Miguel Faria-e-Castro
, Julian Kozlowski
, and Mahdi Ebsim
External Balance Sheets and the COVID-19 Crisis —
Galina Hale
and Luciana Juvenal
Incentives and Tradeoffs in Designing a Crisis Liquidity Facility with Nonbank Counterparties: Lessons from the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility —
Ralf Meisenzahl
, Karen Pence
, and Dan Covitz

Credit Markets

Hassan Afrouzi
Leverage Risk and Investment: The Case of Gold Clauses in the 1930s —
Mete Kilic
, Joao Gomes
, and Sebastien Plante
Leverage Limits in Good and Bad Times —
Juanita Gonzalez Uribe
and Cynthia Balloch
Evergreening —
Miguel Faria-e-Castro
, Pascal Paul
, and Juan M. Sanchez
Cross-Subsidization of Bad Credits in a Lending Crisis —
Nikolaos Artavanis
, Brian Jonghwan Lee
, Stavros Panageas
, and Margarita Tsoutsoura

Crisis Innovation: Short- and Long-Run Impacts

Daniel P. Gross
R&D Competition and the Direction of Innovation —
Guillermo Marshall
, Kevin A. Bryan
, and Jorge Lemus
What Drives Innovation? Lessons from COVID-19 R&D —
Patrick Gaule
and Ruchir Agarwal
The Great Pivot: How Science has Shifted in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic —
Benjamin F. Jones
, Ryan Hill
, Carolyn Stein
, Dashun Wang
, and Yian Yin
The Long-Run Impacts of Crisis Medical Research on the Life Sciences —
Bhaven N. Sampat
and Daniel P. Gross

CSMGEP Dissertation Session

Kalena Cortes
Student Housing, Gentrification and Affordability: The US context —
Kirsten McLeod
Redesigning Federal Student Aid in Higher Education —
Luis Armona
and Shengmao Cao
The Value of School Social Climate Information: Evidence from Chicago Housing Transactions —
Rene Crespin
Is College Worth It For Me? Beliefs, Access to Funding, and Inequality in Higher Education —
Sergio Barrera

CSQIEP Session on Economic History and Development Economics

Martha Olney
Impacts of the Clean Air Act on the Power Sector from 1938-1994: Anticipation and Adaptation —
Karen Clay
, Akshaya Jha
, Joshua Lewis
, and Edson Severnini
The Research University, Invention, and Industry: Evidence from German History —
Jeremiah Dittmar
and Ralf Meisenzahl
Stifled by Stigma? Experimental Effects of Updating Husbands' Beliefs on Participation in Women's Household Work —
Tamara McGavock
, Ellen McCullough
, Nicholas P. Magnan
, and Thomas Assefa
The Impacts of Universal Healthcare Extension in Mexico —
Francois Cohen

Democracy and Voter Preferences

Sergei Guriev
Making Policies Matter: Voter Responses to Campaign Promises —
Cesi Cruz
, Philip Keefer
, Julien Labonne
, and Francesco Trebbi
(Successful) Democracies Breed Their Own Support —
Daron Acemoglu
, Nicolás Ajzenman
, Cevat Giray Aksoy
, Martin Fiszbein
, and Carlos Molina
Persistent Polarizing Effects of Persuasion: Experimental Evidence from Turkey —
Ceren Baysan
Populist Leaders and the Economy —
Manuel Funke
, Moritz Schularick
, and Christoph Trebesch

Domestic Violence

Rossella Calvi
Unintended Consequences of Lockdowns: COVID-19 and the Shadow Pandemic —
Saravana Ravindran
and Manisha Shah
`Til Dowry Do Us Part: Bargaining and Violence in Indian Families —
Rossella Calvi
and Ajinkya Keskar
Dynamic Impacts of Lockdown Mandates on Intimate Partner Violence in Chile —
Sonia Bhalotra
, Emilia Brito
, Damian Clarke
, Pilar Larroulet
, and Francisco Pino
Trade-offs? The Impact of WTO Accession on Intimate Partner Violence in Cambodia —
Bilge Erten
and Pinar Keskin

Economic Consequences of Immigration Policy and Enforcement

Michael Coon
Border Fencing, Migrant Flows, and Crossing Deaths —
Cynthia Bansak
, Abigail Blanco
, and Michael Coon
Put on ICE? The Effects of Immigration Raids in the Animal Slaughtering and Processing Industry —
Pia Orrenius
and Madeline Zavodny
“Birthright Granted and Revoked: The Effects of Irish Citizenship Policy on Migrant Characteristics” —
Hisham Foad
Parental Deportation, Safe Zone Schools, and the Educational Outcomes of Children Left Behind —
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes
, José R. Bucheli
, and Ana Martinez-Donate

Economic Impacts of Wildfire Risk

Judson Boomhower
Mortgage Markets with Climate-Change Risk: Evidence from Wildfires in California —
Paulo Issler
, Richard Stanton
, Carles Vergara-Alert
, and Nancy Wallace
Building Codes and Community Resilience to Natural Disasters —
Patrick Baylis
and Judson Boomhower
Efficiency and Equity Implications of Wildfire Insurance Reform in California —
Judson Boomhower
, Meredith Fowlie
, Jacob Gellman
, and Andrew Plantinga
Local Economic Impacts of Wildfires —
Margaret Walls
and Matthew Wibbenmeyer

Economic Network Formation

Allison Luedtke
Supply Network Formation and Fragility —
Ben Golub
, Matthew Elliott
, and Matthew Leduc
Decreasing Costs of Trade and the Impact of the Globalization of Supply Chains —
Matthew O. Jackson
and Matthew Elliott
The Anatomy of Financial Innovation —
Ana Babus
, Matias Marzani
, and Sara Moreira
Peer Effects with Endogenous Interactions —
Vincent Boucher
, Asadul Islam
, Xiaodong Liu
, and Yves Zenou

Economics of Higher Education

Michael S. Kofoed
Zooming to Class?: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial on the Effects of Online Learning on College Student Academic Achievement during COVID-19 —
Michael S. Kofoed
, Lucas Gebhart
, Dallas Gilmore
, and Ryan Moschitto
Optimal Financial Aid and Free College Policies: Theory and Evidence from an Eight-Year Randomized Trial —
Douglas N. Harris
and Jonathan Mills
The Effects of the 2020 Social Justice Movement on Faculty —
Mackenzie Alston
and Sara Jacobson
Who Gets the Job? Gender Differences in Determinants of Course Load Assignments —
Amanda Griffith
and Veronica Sovero
Female Education, Fertility, and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the 1944 G.I. Bill —
Connor Lennon

Economists Can Influence Policy Decision Makers: Extracting More Meaning from Your Research

Sherry Gilied
Jonathon Gruber
Jeffrey Liebman
Jennifer Doleac
Florence LeCraw
, and
Tim Schauer

Electric Power, Electric Vehicles, and Climate Policy

James H. Stock
Carbon Policy and the Emissions Implications of Electric Vehicles —
Kenneth Gillingham
, Marten Ovaere
, and Stephanie M. Weber
Robust Decarbonization of the U.S. Power Sector: Policy Options —
James H. Stock
and Daniel Stuart
Why Are Marginal CO2 Emissions Not Decreasing for U.S. Electricity? Estimates and Implications for Climate Policy —
Stephen Halland
, Matthew Kotchen
, Erin Mansur
, and Andrew Yates
Power Plants, Air Pollution, and Health —
Christopher R. Knittel
, Konstantinos Metaxoglou
, and Bora Ozaltun

Empirical Methods

Harold D. Chiang
Better Lee Bounds —
Vira Semenova
Broken Instruments —
Trevor S. Gallen
and Benjamin Raymond
When Should We (Not) Interpret Linear IV Estimands as LATE? —
Tymon Sloczynski
Local Projections versus VARs: Lessons from Thousands of DGPs —
Dake Li
, Mikkel Plagborg-Møller
, and Christian K. Wolf

Energy Storage in Wholesale Electricity Markets: The Economics of a Paradigm Shift

Justin Kirkpatrick
Soaking Up the Sun: Battery Investment, Renewable Energy, and Market Equilibrium —
Andrew Butters
, Jackson Dorsey
, and Gautam Gowrisankaran
Spillovers from Ancillary Services to Wholesale Power Markets: Implications for Climate Policy —
Jesse Buchsbaum
, Catherine Hausman
, Johanna L. Mathieu
, and Jing Peng
Estimating Congestion Benefits of Batteries for Unobserved Networks: A Machine Learning Approach —
Justin Kirkpatrick
Market Dynamics in Cleaner Power Systems —
Ömer Karaduman
and Jing Li