Mentoring Organizations

The number of associations of women economists around the world is growing. All provide mentoring for economists, organize conference sessions, promote research on gender issues, and raise awareness of issues of particular concern to women in the economics profession. While these organizations may focus on women, there are many positive spillovers for men. Much of the information and advice freely disseminated by these organizations can be of value to all economists—especially to any junior economist— whether male or female, and whether minority or not.

What follows is almost certainly an incomplete list! Please help CSWEP expand this list so that we can learn from each other as well as promote networking. Send information on associations of women economists, including name and web site to:

Academic Female Finance Committee

Accounting & Financial Women's Alliance

American Association of University Women

American Business Women's Association

Association for the Advancement of African Women Economists

New Dawn for Women and Development (NDWD)

Brazilian Women in Economics

Canadian Women Economists Network/ Réseau de Femmes Économistes

Committee on the Situation of Women in Economics

Committee on Women in Agricultural Economics

Economic Society of Australia’s Committee for Women Economists

European Economics Association Committee on Women in Economics

Girls, Inc.

Korean Women Economists Association

Leadership Women

National Association of Women Business Owners

For additional organizations, consult the:

EDIRC Index of Economics Associations and Societies