CeMENT: Mentoring for Junior Faculty

The CSWEP CeMENT workshops are aimed at mentoring women and nonbinary faculty in tenure-track positions in economics departments in the U.S. or at institutions with similar research expectations. The workshop initiative is divided into two parts. The doctoral workshop admits faculty in departments granting PhDs in economics (or with similar research expectations) and the non-doctoral workshop admits faculty in departments without doctoral programs.

Each workshop consists of an intensive program beginning immediately after the 2023 ASSA meetings in New Orleans, LA. The 2023 ASSA meetings are Friday through Sunday, January 6th to 8th. The workshops will begin on January 8th in the afternoon. Both programs end on Tuesday, January 10th. The AEA will pay for participants’ lodging and food during the workshop, but attendees must arrange their own transportation.

Participants will be arranged into small groups and assigned to mentors based on their research area. Group members and mentors discuss and offer feedback on the participants’ research and career development. In addition, the workshop includes a number of larger how-to sessions on topics such as: publishing, effective teaching, developing a tenure case, writing a grant, networking, and work/life balance.

For more information on the CeMENT experience, including research evidence showing statistically significant improvements in top-tier publications and the receipt of federal grants as a result of the workshop, click here.  Past workshop participants have received binders of professional development materials relating to publishing, teaching, grants, and other relevant topics. CSWEP is now making these materials available here.

We are excited about the opportunity to continue CSWEP's tradition of mentoring female junior faculty. We hope you will apply, and look forward to seeing you at one of our workshops.

The application portal is now closed. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact info@cswep.org