Journal of Economic Literature: Style Guide

Style Information for Articles

Abstract: We require an abstract of approximately 100 words. This should be a separate file on your diskette and a separate page in your manuscript.

Tables and Figures: Number figures and tables consecutively (Table 1, Table 2, etc.). Do not number them according to the section in which they appear. Please do not insert figures and tables in the text. Instead, in the space immediately after the paragraph in which the figure or table is first referenced, insert a text tag as follows:

[Table 1 here]

Tables cannot be set broadside. Please format them to be set vertically on the journal page.

Reference Citations: Each reference to an author should include only the last name, unless two or more authors have the same last name. Citations should take the place of footnotes whenever possible.

If you cite an article that is neither published nor accepted for publication, please make every effort to find an internet link to it, and include the web site address in the reference list, giving the full "http//" link.

Footnotes: Number footnotes in order, corresponding to numbers in the text, and place them at the bottom of the page (rather than as endnotes).

Reference List: Verify references carefully; they must correspond to the citations in text. List alphabetically by author's last name and then by year. See the Sample References for specific information.

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"Economic Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility"by Markus Kitzmueller and Jay Shimshack has received considerable attention since its publication in the March 2012 issue of the Journal of Economic Literature. The AEA is proud to make this article complimentary through our website: [Full-Text Article]

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