Women's Employment in Developing Economies

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Mesay Gebresilasse
, Amherst College

Access to Finance, Empowerment and Women’s Employment: Evidence from Rural India

Vaishnavi Surendra
University of California-Berkeley

Electricity and Female Employment: Evidence from Tajikistan's Winter Energy Crisis

Adrian Poignant
Uppsala University

Savings Groups, Risk Coping and Financial Inclusion in Rural Areas

Veronica Frisancho
Inter-American Development Bank
Martin Valdivia
Group of Analysis for Development

Using Bank Savings Product Design for Empowering Women and Agricultural Development

Jose Galdo
Carleton University-Ottawa and IZA

Inspiration and Information: The Role of Role Models

Marcos Agurto
University of Piura
Muchin Isabel Ayen Bazan Ruiz
Virginia Tech
Siddharth Hari
World Bank
Sudipta Sarangi
Virginia Tech