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The Committee on Government Relations is a subcommittee of the American Economic Association charged with representing the interests of the economics profession in Washington DC and other locations around the country without taking a position on questions of economic policy or on any partisan matter.

In 2009 the American Economic Association established a Government Relations Office (GRO) in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the office is to gather information about the activities of the federal government that affect the professional activities of economists. The office is staffed by a part-time professional with issues analysis and representation experience and knowledge of economics, statistics, and/or data policy. 

The staff of the GRO is overseen by a Committee on Government Relations (AEACGR), appointed by the President of the AEA. The activities of the GRO, the AEACGR, and the
Association’s officers conform to the Association’s charter, which states, “The Association as such will take no partisan attitude, nor will it commit its members to any position on practical economic questions.”

The primary activities for the GRO include:

The American Economic Association engaged the services of a part-time person to open a Washington office and to represent the Association in Washington. This person performs the following services in accordance with the general direction provided by the AEA Executive Committee and in direct consultation with the AEA Committee on Government Relations. Duties and responsibilities of this individual include the following:

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