Journal of Economic Perspectives: Vol. 14 No. 1 (Winter 2000)


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Environmental Problems and Policy: 2000-2050

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Portney, Paul R. 2000. "Environmental Problems and Policy: 2000-2050." Journal of Economic Perspectives, 14(1): 199-206.

DOI: 10.1257/jep.14.1.199


The next 50 years will see more use of market-based tools for environmental protection. Regulatory authorities everywhere will require polluters to report emissions. Authority will leak away from national governments; some will be devolved to lower levels of government, but some will be lost to international bodies. Environmental conditions will continue to improve steadily in developed countries. The developing countries will be less fortunate; at least until rising incomes provide the impetus for stricter standards. Some losses will be irreversible, as with species that are extinguished.

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Portney, Paul R. (Resources for the Future)

JEL Classifications

Q28: Renewable Resources and Conservation: Government Policy


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