AEASTAT: 2009 Annual Meeting

Sessions for AEA Committee on Economic Statistics, 2009 ASSA meetings

Sessions at the 2009 Meetings

January 3, 10:15 AM

Finding Truth in More Than One Place: Improving Statistics by Integrating Survey and Administrative Data

Presiding: KATHARINE G. ABRAHAM, University of Maryland

PETER GOTTSCHALK, Boston College, ERIKA MCENTARFER, U.S. Census Bureau, and ROBERT MOFFITT, Johns Hopkins University – Earnings Dynamics in the PSID and the LEHD: A Comparison

BRUCE MEYER, University of Chicago, and JAMES X. SULLIVAN, University of Notre Dame – Using Two-Sample Methods to Correct for Reporting Bias in Surveys

JEFFREY LIEBMAN, Harvard University – Earnings and Payroll Taxes: An Evaluation of Administrative and Synthetic Earnings

RICHARD BLUNDELL, University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies
JOSEPH HOTZ, Duke University
LISA DRAGOSET, Mathematical Policy Research

January 4, 2:30 PM

Implementation of a New Architecture for the U.S. National Accounts

Presiding: DALE W. JORGENSON, Harvard University

DALE W. JORGENSON, Harvard University and J. STEVEN LANDEFELD, Bureau of Economic Analysis –Updates on a New Architecture for the U.S. National Accounts

MICHAEL J. BOSKIN, Stanford University – Perspectives on the New Architecture for the U.S. National Accounts

MICHAEL J. HARPER, Bureau of Labor Statistics, BRENT MOULTON, Bureau of Economic Analysis, STEVEN ROSENTHAL, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and DAVID B. WASSHAUSEN, Bureau of Economic Analysis – Integrated GDP-Productivity Accounts

MICHAEL G. PALUMBO, Federal Reserve Board, and JONATHAN PARKER, Northwestern University – The Integrated Financial and Real System of National Accounts for the United States: Does it Presage the Financial Crisis?

BART VAN ARK, Groningen University and Conference Board
DAVID STOCKTON, Federal Reserve Board
ERNST R. BERNDT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MICHAEL PALUMBO, Federal Reserve Board