AEASTAT: 2008 Annual Meeting

Sessions for AEA Committee on Economic Statistics, 2008 ASSA meetings

Sessions at the 2008 meetings

Jan. 4, 2:30 pm

Innovation, Intangibles, and R&D

CYNTHIA A. GLASSMAN, U.S. Department of Commerce

JOSHUA LERNER, Harvard University--The Long-Run Impact of Private Equity: The Impact on Innovation

CAROL CORRADO, Federal Reserve Board, CHARLES HULTEN, University of Maryland, and DANIEL SICHEL, Federal Reserve Board--Intangible Capital and Economic Growth

J. STEVEN LANDEFELD and SUMIYE OKUBO, Bureau of Economic Analysis--The Role of R&D in Economic Growth: BEA's Satellite Account

Discussants: BRONWYN H. HALL, University of California-Berkeley
BARBARA M. FRAUMENI, University of Southern Maine
JEFFREY I. BERNSTEIN, Florida International University

Jan. 5, 2:30 pm

Reconciliation of Seemingly Inconsistent Data Series

DAVID JOHNSON, U.S. Census Bureau

KATHARINE G. ABRAHAM, University of Maryland, JOHN C. HALTIWANGER, University of Maryland and U.S. Census Bureau, and KRISTIN SANDUSKY, U.S. Census Bureau, and JAMES SPLETZER, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics--Exploring Differences in Employment between Household and Establishment Data

GEORGE L. PERRY, Brookings Institution--Conflicting Measures of Hourly Labor Costs

LAURENCE H. MEYER, Macroeconomic Advisers--The CPI and the PCE Price Index: A (Former) Policymaker's Perspective

Discussants: BRUCE MEYER, University of Chicago
LAWRENCE F. KATZ, Harvard University
STEPHEN G. CECCHETTI, Brandeis University

Jan. 6, 8:00 am

The Output of Banking and Finance

J. STEVEN LANDEFELD, Director, Bureau of Economic Analysis

DENNIS FIXLER, MARSHALL REINSDORF, and GEORGE SMITH, Bureau of Economic Analysis--How Have the New Measures of Bank Services in the US National Accounts Performed?

SUSANTO BASU and J. CHRISTINA WANG, Boston College and Federal Reserve Bank of Boston--Technological Progress, “Money” in the Utility Function, and the “User Cost of Money”

ADAM ASHCRAFT and CHARLES STEINDEL, Federal Reserve Bank of New York--Measuring the impact of securitization on imputed bank output

Discussants: DIANA HANCOCK, Federal Reserve Board
ERWIN DIEWERT, University of British Columbia
TIMOTHY KOCH, University of South Carolina