Staying Connected


There are lots of ways that community college economics faculty can stay connected with the discipline and with each other. There are national and regional conferences, regular webinars on different topics, journals with economic education content, and events sponsored by the Federal Reserve branches. The sites linked here give an idea of the opportunities for connection and professional development that are open to community college economics faculty.

CTREE and Other Economic Education Conferences

Conferences on Teaching and Research in Economic Education (CTREE)
Past CTREE and Other Economic Education Conferences

Journals with Economic Education Content

Economic education is what we do. It’s also an area of research. Journal articles can present a new technique or test an established practice.

TCH-ECON Listserv

Ask a question about your class or content and get answers from colleagues on this listserv.
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Hashtags and Handles

Be part of the discussion.
#TeachEcon for economic education related posts.
#EconTwitter for posts related to economists and the economics profession.
#JREconEd for posts associated with the Journal of Economic Education
@FedEconEd for Federal Reserve education resources and events