• Member Announcement
  • January 29, 2018

AEA Member Announcements: Call for Papers and Other Announcements (January 29, 2018)

Call for Sessions and Papers for the 2019 AEA Meeting. The deadline for submissions to be considered for the January 2019 AEA Meeting program in Atlanta is April 1, 2018 for individual papers and April 15, 2018 for complete sessions. The submission portal will open on March 1, 2018 at https://www.aeaweb.org/conference/submissions.

Enhanced Poster Presentations at the 2019 Atlanta meetings. The AEA is planning an enhanced poster session in which accepted posters will remain posted during the entire conference. Poster sessions will be selected from individual papers submitted through the portal that have also agreed to be considered for a poster session. Posters should be self-explanatory so they can be read without the author present. The AEA will offer assistance in arranging the printing of posters.

Econ-Harmony helps prospective individual paper submitters for the AEA Annual Meetings find others with similar interests who might join them to form a complete session submission, and provides an opportunity to volunteer as a session chair. Twenty-seven percent of submitted complete sessions and 9% of submitted individual papers appeared in sessions on the 2018 AEA Annual Meeting Program. Econ-Harmony opens February 1, 2018 at https://www.aeaweb.org/econ-harmony/.

Over 13,000 people registered for the annual ASSA meeting this year in Philadelphia. Get an inside look at some of the 2018 sessions, attendees, content and lively discussions on the AEA website:

Webcasts of selected ASSA 2018 sessions include

  • AEA Presidential Address - "Market and Marketplaces" (Alvin E. Roth)
  • AEA Awards Ceremony (Olivier Blanchard)
  • Richard T. Ely Lecture - "Competition, Equilibrium, Freedom, and Paternalism" (David Laibson)
  • Nobel Laureate Luncheon Honoring Oliver Hart from Harvard and Bengt Holmstrom from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Olivier Blanchard, Luigi Zingales, Daron Acemoglu)
  • AEA/AFA Joint Luncheon - "Liquidity and Leverage"  (Raghuram Rajan)
  • Central Bank Communications - (Andrew Haldane presiding)
  • Climate Policy and Trade – (Mar Reguant presiding)
  • Economic Consequences of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Erik Brynjolfsson presiding)
  • Global Inequality and Policy (Emmanuel Saez presiding)
  • New Measures of the Economy (Betsey Stevenson presiding)
  • TrumpEconomics: a First Year Evaluation (Dominick Salvatore presiding)

Go to https://www.aeaweb.org/conference/webcasts/2018. Webcasts from 2009 through 2018 are available to the public. Webcasts for the Continuing Education Programs, including 2018, are also available at https://www.aeaweb.org/conference/cont-ed.

AEA Poster Session Videos feature AEA interviews with select 2018 poster presenters who discuss their research and the broader implications of their work. There are fifteen video highlights available in the 2018 series at https://www.aeaweb.org/conference/videos.

Go to the ASSA Photo Gallery at https://www.aeaweb.org/conference/2018-photos for some interesting views of the meeting and view the 2018 Program at https://www.aeaweb.org/conference/2018/preliminary, which includes session summaries and downloads.

AEA Data Editor. The AEA has completed its search for the position of Data Editor, and is pleased to announce that Lars Vilhuber of Cornell University has been appointed. Lars will work with the AEA journal editors and Executive Committee to develop and implement methods to maximize replicability and reproducibility of research findings published in AEA journals. Such methods may involve some pre-publication verification of materials provided by authors, but will also encourage incorporating basic principles of replicability into researchers' workflows and address the increasing reliance on restricted-access data. More information on Lars' work can be found at http://lars.vilhuber.com.

Nominations for American Economics Journal Best Paper Awards. Suggestions for nominations for Best Paper Awards for each of the American Economic Journals are solicited. Awards will be announced in April 2018, selected from articles published in the 2015-2017 volumes of each AEJ. Suggest papers at https://www.aeaweb.org/aej/bestpapernominations.php by February 15, 2018.

are currently being taken for the AEA’s newest journal AER: Insights. This journal is designed to be a top-tier, general-interest economics journal of the same quality and importance as the AER, but devoted to publishing papers with important insights that can be conveyed succinctly. To view the full Submission Guidelines and submit your paper to AER: Insights, please visit https://www.aeaweb.org/journals/aeri/submissions. Please contact Managing Editor, Kelly Markel (k.markel@aeapubs.org), with any questions.

Committee on Economic Statistics (AEAStat) will sponsor three sessions on economic measurement at the January 2019 ASSA Meetings in Atlanta. The Committee solicits both individual papers and proposals for sessions of three or four papers, with preference given to session proposals. The Committee is interested in receiving submissions in any area of economic data and statistics. One of the three sessions organized by the Committee will be published in the AEA Papers and Proceedings. For more information or a list of papers selected for past AEAStat sponsored sessions go to https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/committees/economic-statistics/annual-meeting. Abstracts are due by April 1, 2018 to John Haltiwanger, Chair, Committee on Economic Statistics, at aeastat@aeapubs.org. Submissions should be PDF files and include name, institutional affiliation, and email address of all participants.

The Committee on the Status of Women in the Economics Profession (CSWEP) is charged with promoting the careers and monitoring the progress of professional women economists. Visit CSWEP.org for calls and announcements and to access the CSWEP News archives, full of feature articles on professional development. Calls with fast approaching deadlines include a Call for Abstracts for CSWEP Paper Sessions at the 2019 AEA/ASSA Meetings. To become a CSWEP subscriber and receive announcements by email, contact cswep@econ.ucsb.edu.

The AEA Committee on Economic Education is sponsoring a session of research papers on economic education at any level (undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, or pre-college) at the 2019 AEA Meetings in Atlanta. Papers from this session will appear in the AEA Papers and Proceedings, subject to editorial review and approval. To have a paper considered, submit an abstract of 250-500 words by April 1, 2018 to Georg Schaur, University of Tennessee, gschaur@utk.edu.  Abstracts should be written to convince the reader that papers are completed or in an advanced stage.

The AEA Committee on Economic Education will also sponsor a poster session at the 2019 ASSA Meetings in Atlanta devoted to active learning strategies across the economics curriculum. Instead of papers, session presenters will prepare large visual poster summaries of their work, which will be mounted in an exhibition room to allow presenters to speak directly with session participants. Although we encourage presenters to include evidence that their strategy enhances learning, we do not require quantifiable evidence. Presenters should emphasize the originality of their strategy and provide sufficient information so that session participants may apply the technique in their own classrooms. Proposals should describe the teaching strategy and explain how it will be displayed on the poster. Posters marketing textbooks, commercial software, or similar materials will not be considered for the session.  Proposals are limited to two pages and are due by April 2, 2018.  Proposals should include full contact information for all authors.  Please send proposals to Bill Goffe, Penn State University, bill.goffe@psu.edu

The National Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education (CTREE) will be held May 30 – June 1, 2018 at the San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter. The conference is hosted by the AEA Committee on Economic Education in cooperation with the Journal of Economic Education. Registration opens February 15, 2018. For more information go to https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/committees/economic-education.

Call for Artists. The program cover for the ASSA annual meeting often features artwork by economists or their spouses. Please contact us if you would like to see your artwork on a cover or have suggestions for future covers. Artwork can be provided in any medium that can be photographed. If selected, a color transparency, slide, or photograph (color or black and white) will be required. There is no remuneration, just the honor of having your work recognized. Send suggestions by August 15, 2018 to: gwyn.p.loftis@vanderbilt.edu or ASSA Cover, American Economic Association, 2014 Broadway, Suite 305, Nashville, TN 37203.

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