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  • October 17, 2022

AEA Member Announcements: AEA Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives – Deadlines extended to November 15

October 17, 2022

To: Members of the American Economic Association & Economics Department Chairs
From: Peter L. Rousseau, Secretary-Treasurer
Subject: AEA Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives – Deadlines extended to November 15

The American Economic Association has launched a number of initiatives in the past few years to attempt to address some of the disparities within our profession, but we need your help getting the information to those who could benefit the most. Please take a moment to read about and consider the opportunities below. The deadlines have been extended to provide more time to apply.

For departments:

Department Seed Grants. This award is open to US-based economics departments in an amount up to $5,000 to help establish a new "bridge program" or training program. Departments would use these funds to develop a program for underrepresented minorities (URM), which include persons who identify as American Indian, Alaskan Native, Black (not of Hispanic origin), Hispanic (including persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central or South American origin) or Pacific Islander. For more information, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/committees/csmgep/diversity-initiatives/dept-seed-grants. Apply by November 15.

For junior economists:

Travel Grants for URM Economists. This award is open to junior economics faculty members from groups traditionally underrepresented in the economics profession. The grants will defray the cost of travel, lodging, and conference registration to attend the annual ASSA meetings. Each award will cover up to $1,000 of eligible expenses based on a review of materials. For more information, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/committees/csmgep/diversity-initiatives/urm-travel-grants. Apply by November 15.

Small Group Breakfast Meeting. The CSMGEP and AEA sponsor an annual Small Group Breakfast Meeting for URM Economists. For 2023, the guests will be Christina Romer, 2022 AEA President, and Susan Athey, 2023 AEA President. The goal of the breakfast is to provide access to prominent economists to address issues of access to journals, conferences, and networks that are often out of reach for URM scholars. Space is limited to 20 participants. For more information, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/committees/csmgep/diversity-initiatives/smgrp-breakfast-meeting-urm. Apply by November 15.

Professional Development Grant. This award is open to junior economics faculty members from groups traditionally underrepresented in the profession. By submitting a summary of their research work along with a CV, faculty members can win a $2,000 grant. For more information, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/committees/csmgep/diversity-initiatives/urm-professional-development-grant. Apply by November 15.

For students:

The Andrew Brimmer Undergraduate Essay Prize. Undergraduate students are invited to submit an essay on the “economic well-being of Black Americans” for consideration for $1,000 the prize. Undergraduate students at US-based institutions of higher learning majoring in economics, political science, public policy, or related fields are eligible to apply. For more information, visit https://www.aeaweb.org/about-aea/honors-awards/brimmer-undergrad-essay-prize. Apply by November 15.

Thank you for your assistance in spreading the word about these opportunities. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at aeainfo@vanderbilt.edu.