Webinar on the Job Market for New Economics Ph.D.s (2021)

Part Two

The AEA's ad hoc Committee on the Job Market hosted this webinar on the job market for new Ph.D. economists on Thursday, November 11, from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. ET. The purpose of the webinar is to share information about the structure and timeline of the job market for new Economics Ph.D.s, and is intended to help job market candidates in 2021-22 as well as their advisors and placement committees.

A pre-recorded video is available (See below) which provides information on the Economics Ph.D. job market, such as timelines, institutions, general advice, and data on the supply of and demand for Ph.D. economists this year. This recorded 90 minute webinar was devoted to Q&A on either the material in the presentation or any other questions about the job market that participants may have.

Those answering questions at the webinar include the following:

Aditya Aladangady, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve
John Cawley, Cornell University
Courtney Coile, Wellesley College
Brooke Helppie-McFall, University of Michigan
Kata Mihaly, RAND
Elisabeth "Bitsy" Perlman, U.S. Census Bureau
Peter Rousseau, Vanderbilt University and Secretary-Treasurer of the AEA
Max Schmeiser, Twitter
Wendy Stock, Montana State University
Omari Swinton, Howard University 
Stephen Wu, Hamilton College