CSWEP Board: Orgul Ozturk


Orgul Ozturk, CSWEP BoardOrgul Ozturk is an Professor of Economics and the Chair of the Economics Department in the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.  Before taking over as the department chair, she was the director of the PhD program of the same department. Orgul is an applied microeconomist who works in fields of labor, health and education.  Her research mainly focuses on the analysis of the national and state level programs and policies and primarily covers analysis of welfare policy, accountability focused education policy, and other policies designed for the most disadvantaged in the society. In a separate line of research she studies on gender disparities in labor market outcomes, occupational mismatch and career progression. Orgul earned her MS and PhD in economics from University of Wisconsin-Madison and her BS in economics and sociology from Koc University in Istanbul.  Orgul is originally from Antalya, Turkey.  She is married to a fellow economist and mother to two children.