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Chart of the Week

Man vs machine

November 28, 2018
Robots take jobs, but create new ones too. Which will happen faster?
Research Highlight

Building trust with buyers

November 21, 2018
How much do offers of "satisfaction guaranteed" improve efficiency in the marketplace?
Chart of the Week

Waiting for the windfall

November 19, 2018
How do financial considerations influence discharge decisions at long-term acute-care hospitals?
Chart of the Week


November 14, 2018
The Taliban recognized the importance of elections and made them a primary target.

AEA Climate Survey

November 14, 2018
NORC at the University of Chicago is conducting a survey on behalf of the American Economic Association (AEA) about the professional climate in economics.
Research Highlight

Shadow business

November 12, 2018
How many cartels exist and how important is competition policy to reining them in?