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Research Highlight

Expanding access to elections

January 17, 2020
Early voting laws can have significant effects on participation and the partisan composition of government.
Research Highlight

Tuition troubles

January 13, 2020
Texas may show how to keep colleges open to poor students, while still providing a top-notch education.
Research Highlight

Carrying the scars of conflict

January 8, 2020
How does being exposed to violence as a child affect the behavior of asylum seekers in their new host country?
Chart of the Week

Occupational hazard

January 6, 2020
Who wins and who loses from free trade?
Chart of the Week

Judging on gender

December 30, 2019
Student opinions of an instructor evolve differently depending on whether they're being taught by a man or woman.
Chart of the Week

You can’t buy honesty

December 23, 2019
Boosting public sector wages might attract candidates more prone to corruption.