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  • January 31, 2017

A milestone in research transparency: the AEA’s RCT Registry now contains 1,000+ studies from over 100+ countries!

Flexible, easy-to-use registry interface encourages use

Since the AEA RCT Registry's launch in May 2013, it has served as one of the primary online sources for information on ongoing and completed studies in the social sciences. It's a go-to resource for details like study abstracts, implementation statuses, start and end dates, and primary investigators. By allowing researchers to register their studies in advance of data collection and analysis, the registry sheds light on the entire volume of published and unpublished research on particular study outcomes. This helps us better understand the extent of publications bias, or how the outcome of a study affects whether or not it gets published. 

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The AEA RCT Registry was developed by J-PAL, working with AEA affiliated faculty Esther Duflo and Larry Katz. J-PAL manages the Registry with continued guidance from the AEA.