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  • November 1, 2019

Applications open for the AEA Summer Program

The 2019 cohort at Michigan State University.


This all-inclusive 12-credit scholarship program prepares students for doctorate level degrees in economics and related disciplines via mentoring partnerships, targeted training, skill and confidence building, peer exercises, and immersive excursions.

As many as 20% of PhDs awarded to minorities in economics over the past 20 years are graduates of the program.  

Now accepting applications through January 31, the program offers two levels of study.

"Foundations Level" is targeted to students who are exploring the possibility of graduate study and "Advanced Level" is designed to prepare students for placement in rigorous PhD programs. Past participants have included women and students of color representing many ethnicities and cultures.

Whether you are an eligible student or a professor interested in opening up opportunities for motivated students …take a look at the AEA Summer Program today!

Application Deadline January 31, 2020

Hosted by

Department of Economics

Michigan State University

In collaboration with Western Michigan University

Questions: Email aeasp@msu.edu or call 517-884-8468