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Please note that the AEA offices will be closed on Thanksgiving day. There will be limited coverage and technical support Friday the 27th through Sunday the 29th. The offices will re-open on November 30.
If your letter-writer account is pending during this time, please have patience and we will approve your account as quickly as possible. Reference letters can continue to be fulfilled after the application deadline has passed for applications that are incomplete due to missing letters.

Focus More Time on Future Economists... And Less on Sending Reference Letters

As a dedicated mentor, you do everything you can to assist your students with their careers. The new JOE Network eases the task of replying to multiple reference requests with default letters, surrogate assignments, and easy monitoring of task completion!

JOE simplifies the reference letter process for faculty who are an essential part of career building and hiring in economics.

Letter Writers

If you are a faculty member or a professional economist who needs to provide a letter of reference for a job market candidate through the JOE Network, you should create an account. After you create an account, you will have the option to designate a staff member as a surrogate to manage your reference letters if you choose.

Login or Create New Account
(to access letter writer dashboard)


If you are a staff member who will be managing letters on behalf of a letter-writer, the procedure is for that person (the author of the letter) to create an account using the email address candidates will use to search for them. After creating an account, the letter-writer will then be able to add a staff member as a surrogate to manage letters. You can manage letters for more than one letter-writer.

Go to Surrogate Dashboard
(to manage reference letter requests for your letter writers)
Check out the new features:
  • Manage Letter Requests
  • Upload Custom or Default Letters
  • Track Task Completion Status
  • Assign Surrogate Access
  • Minimize Time Investment

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