JOE Listings (Job Openings for Economists)

August 1, 2015 - January 31, 2016

American Institute for Economic Research

This listing is inactive.
Department of Research and Education
Visiting Research Fellow

JOE ID Number: 2015-02_111453242
Date Posted: 02/08/2016
Date Inactive: 05/11/2016
Position Title/Short Description
Title: Visiting Research Fellow
Section: Other Nonacademic (Temporary, Part-Time, Non-Salaried, Consulting, Etc.)
Location: Great Barrington, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES
JEL Classifications:
A2 -- Economic Education and Teaching of Economics
D1 -- Household Behavior and Family Economics
E3 -- Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles
G -- Financial Economics
L2 -- Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior
O3 -- Technological Change; Research and Development; Intellectual Property Rights
• Monetary economics (JEL Code E310),
• Business cycles (JEL Code E3),
• Technology and innovation (JEL Code O3),
• Small business economics (JEL Code L26),
• Behavioral economics (JEL Code D1),
• Economic education (JEL Code A2) and financial literacy (JEL Code D14),
• Risk management for investment portfolios (JEL Code G).
Full Text of JOE Listing:

The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) helps individuals take action to improve their economic and financial well-being by providing factual, unbiased research and analysis.

We are seeking Visiting Research Fellows (VRF) to contribute to our research agenda. The research questions that you pose would be expected to yield results that are of practical significance and use to ordinary people. This is beyond applied work; we strive to do research that yields actionable results.

Our general areas of research interest are:
• Monetary economics (JEL Code E310), with a focus on inflation issues.
• Business cycles (JEL Code E3), with an emphasis on understanding the changing nature of cycles and testing the symmetrical nature of business cycles.
• Technology and innovation (JEL Code O3), with an emphasis on productivity, international competitiveness, and regional variation.
• Small business economics (JEL Code L26), with a focus on factors and strategies leading to competitive success.
• Behavioral economics (JEL Code D1), with a focus on behaviors that lead to success with respect to personal and household finances.
• Economic education (JEL Code A2) and financial literacy (JEL Code D14), with an interest in the information and delivery systems that lead to the best outcomes for specific communities of learners.
• Risk management for investment portfolios (JEL Code G), with an interest in models that can test alternative investment strategies.

The VRF is expected to complete the work described in their research proposal, to provide seminars about their research, submit a a working paper and 1 – 3 issue briefs based on the working paper for our membership and readers. This program is designed for faculty as well as practitioners. The VRF program is not designed for Ph.D. candidates completing their dissertations.
Visiting Research Fellows may start at any mutually agreed time during the year. Research visits generally run between one and three months.

External application link for more information and for downloading Request for Proposals:

Application Requirements:
  • External Application Link
Application deadline: 05/01/2016