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Paul B Bennett: (Email: paulbbennett01@gmail.com) (Phone: 9174340226)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: New York City
Locations Interested in Teaching: New York
Other Europe
Last Full-Time Appointment: Clinical Professor of Finance, Fordham U 2011-2017
Other Full-Time Appointments: Rutgers Business School (Visiting Professor) 2009-2011
NYSE (Chief Economist) 2001-2009
NY Fed Bank (SVP) 1978-2001
Subjects: Microeconomics
Financial Economics

Statement of Interest: I seek a job teaching grad or undergrad students in the New York City area, on a full or part-time basis. I have experience at the Fed, at the NYSE, and teaching. I enjoy interacting with other faculty and with students. For family reasons, I prefer to stay in the NY City area but would also consider teaching in a European University. My research interests include monetary policy, market structure, housing finance, and other topics, as my publications indicate. My full CV is available on request.

Kenneth Graham Davies: (Email: kendavies@yahoo.com) (Phone: 5188275667)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: North Blenheim, New York
Locations Interested in Teaching: United States
Last Full-Time Appointment: Senior Economist, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment, Columbia University 2010-2011
Other Full-Time Appointments: Senior Economist/Principal Administrator/Head of Global Relations, Investment Division, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2002-2010
Chief Economist, Asia and Chief China Economist, Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) 1993-2002
Subjects: Negotiation Skills
Policy Development
Policies to Promote Investment (including Foreign Direct Investment)
Economies of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Statement of Interest: I am keen to use my long experience of economic analysis, international policy diplomacy, teaching, writing, and editing to help equip the younger generation to deal with the complexities of today's -- and tomorrow's -- world.

Anthony Elson: (Email: anthonyelson@aol.com) (Phone: 301-652-5546)
Appointment Types Considered:  Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
Current Location: Washington, DC area
Locations Interested in Teaching: West Coast USA
Last Full-Time Appointment: AGIP Professor of International Economics, Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies (2008-09)
Other Full-Time Appointments: I was a senior staff member of the IMF for many years (1983-2003) with responsibilities for the conduct of its macroeconomic surveillance and lending operations with countries in East Asia and Latin America and for the management of its statistics function.
Subjects: macroeconomics, international monetary relations, comparative economic development
Statement of Interest: Since 2004, I have been teaching courses on the economic development of East Asia and Latin America in comparative perspective and on the global financial crisis of 2008-09 and reform of the international financial architecture at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and the Duke Center for International Development. Both of these courses have resulted in book publications which are now available in paperback editions ("Governing Global Finance: The Evolution and Reform of the International Financial Architecture" in 2013 and "Globalization and Development: Why East Asia Surged Ahead and Latin America Fell Behind" in 2015). In my teaching, I have a strong interest in relating economic concepts and theories to public policy issues and in drawing on my practical experience as an economist at the IMF and as an economic consultant with the World Bank. I have recently completed a book on the global financial crisis ("The Global Financial Crisis in Retrospect: Evolution, Resolution and Lessons for Prevention") which was published by Palgrave Macmillan in January 2017.

Craig F Freedman: (Email: cfreedma@hotmail.com) (Phone: 61293987380)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Sydney Australia
Locations Interested in Teaching: East Coast, Mountains, West Coast
Last Full-Time Appointment: Middlebury College Middlebury Vermont 2014-2015
Other Full-Time Appointments: Middlebury College 2011-2012
Macquarie University 1995-2010
University of New South Wales 1991-1995
University of Cape Town 1989-1991
University of New South Wales 1988-1989
San Francisco State University 1984-1985
Subjects: Industrial Organization, Japanese Economy, Managerial Economics, Introductory and Intermediate Microeconomics, Introductory and Intermediate Macroeconomics, Introductory Statistics, Introductory Math Methods, Political Economy, Marxist Economy
Statement of Interest: I have almost forty years of teaching experience on three continents. As a result I have dealt with a wide variety of students at various levels. This means helping students who are taking their first economics course to supervising dissertations. My approach, whether small groups or large lectures, have been to do whatever is possible to make students active learners. In other words, I am not there to fill them with knowledge but to facilitate and assist them to learn. Teaching to a high degree is story telling. Create the right story and you can weave a spell for your students.

Robert Scott Gassler: (Email: scott.gassler@gmail.com)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Everett, Washington, USA
Locations Interested in Teaching: Seattle area, Charleston SC area
Last Full-Time Appointment: Vesalius College at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 1990-2013.
Other Full-Time Appointments: Ursinus College, 1986-1990; Guilford College, 1980-1986; Colby College, 1979-1980.

Subjects: Principles, Intermediate Micro, Environmental and Ecological, Comparative, International Political Economy. I have taught courses in virtually every field of economics, plus some in political science, management, mathematics, and statistics. My courses have been at both the undergraduate and graduate level, in several countries on two continents.
Statement of Interest: I did my doctorate with Kenneth Boulding and have published in economics, political science, education, library-information science, nonprofit organizations, planning, environmental science, and systems science. Current research interests are ecological economics and international political economy.

Eric S Graber: (Email: esgraber1967@gmail.com) (Phone: 240-893-6168)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Waltham, MA
Locations Interested in Teaching: Greater Boston Area
Last Full-Time Appointment: Brandeis Univ. Crown Center for Middle East Studies, (course on economics of the Middle East)dle East2006-07
Other Full-Time Appointments: St. Louis University, Assist Prof Economics and International Business, 1979-86.
Subjects: Introductory Principles of Economics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Managerial Economics.
Statement of Interest: Economist, 30 years experience in teaching and applied research in international economics and management with extensive involvements in e-Learning distance education. Adjunct Professor, University of Maryland University College, Graduate School of Management, teach online courses “The Manager in a Technological Society” and “Strategic Management Capstone,” 2002-present; conference blogging on numerous management topics and organization theory, certified in web-based distance education (WebTycho), extensive involvement in student research and business simulations. Selected for the 2012 UMUC Graduate School Teaching Recognition Award.

Ronald M Harstad: (Email: ron.harstad@gmx.us)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Columbia, Mo
Locations Interested in Teaching: US, Canada, W. Europe, Australia
Last Full-Time Appointment: J.r. Foster Professor, U of Missouri, 2004-18
Other Full-Time Appointments: Rutgers, 1993-2004, Duke Fuqua, 2001-3

Subjects: at all levels: Game Theory, Experimental/Behavioral Econ, Microtheory, IO, "Understanding Financial Innovation". Microprinciples (large enrollment, heavy computer lab use, requires TA squadron).
Statement of Interest: Use courseware (Canvas & several better, incl. Sakai), often get 40+ online discussion posts/semester/student. Record of placement of students in strong PhD programs rarely seen outside top 10 departments. Plan to continue research. Heavy citations flow continues.

Thomas Iverson: (Email: tom_iverson@yahoo.com)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
Current Location: Bali
Locations Interested in Teaching: USA
Last Full-Time Appointment: Retired from the University of Guam after 24 years
Other Full-Time Appointments: The Graduate School of Kentucky State University (1980-88)
Subjects: Micro, Macro, Labor, Industrial Org, Managerial, Quant Methods, Public Finance
Statement of Interest: I took early retirement, seeking a position nearer to my (grown) children, in Florida and North Carolina. Suited for a chair or dean position, as I enjoy mentoring junior colleagues and working will senior colleagues on improving institutional arrangements.

Javaid R Khwaja: (Email: jkgrope@aol.com)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: Kansas City Missouri
Locations Interested in Teaching: Open
Last Full-Time Appointment: September 1979-80
Other Full-Time Appointments: Alpha Petroleum, Chief Financial Officer, 2004-2008
Subjects: Have published in 2013: Toward a General Theory of Exchange: Strategic Decisions and Complexity
ISBN: 978-1-4759-9738-5 (sc)
ISBN: 978-1-4759-9739-2 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1-4759-9740-8 (e)
Statement of Interest: Development of internet economy has created a completely new angle of repose. This transformation allows a new vantage point vis-à-vis inter-industry economics, as well as mutual inter-dependence and formation of new contexts. Networks are complex structures, and the context they allow, establish and determines the partners in an interaction, and newer dimensions of decision making. Its the information spillover that depicts the impact of successive addition of an economic agent's decision, upon rest of actors in similar scenario. It is the multiplicity of scenarios, sets and layouts that greatly magnifies substitution possibilities, implied and involved in such decision contexts. This is the domain of social network analysis, transaction cost analysis, and actor-network theory. Complexity and simplicity, of material and communication, indeed permeates sundry routines of many intricate, social and business fraeworks

Lawrence D Krohn: (Email: lawrence.krohn@tufts.edu)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: New York City
Locations Interested in Teaching: Boston - Washington corridor
Last Full-Time Appointment: Fletcher School/Tufts University 2008 - 2017
Other Full-Time Appointments: Oberlin College 1978 - 79
Universite Laval 1979 - 81
UQAM 1981-83
Subjects: Principles of Economics
Intermediate Macro, Micro
International Finance, International Trade
Public/Welfare Economics
Problems of Middle-Income Nations, esp. Latin America
Statement of Interest: I continue to teach two courses at the Fletcher School and am finishing a book on Latin American economics, but have room and enthusiasm for additional teaching in the areas listed above.

Nancy Joan Scannell: (Email: njas@sbcglobal.net) (Phone: +1-217-414-2467)
Appointment Types Considered:  Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
Current Location: Illinois USA
Locations Interested in Teaching: Open
Last Full-Time Appointment: University of Illinois 20 years
Other Full-Time Appointments: University of Illinois Chicago 1 year visiting
Subjects: Finance, Economics
Statement of Interest: Summer only (mid May - mid August)

John Teall: (Email: jteall@jteall.com)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: New York City Area
Locations Interested in Teaching: Europe, South America, Asia, U.S. Pacific Coast
Last Full-Time Appointment: Jackson Tai Professor of Practice, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (7 years)
Other Full-Time Appointments: Pace University (14 Years)
Fordham University (7 Years)
Subjects: Financial Theory, Microeconomics, Financial Mathematics, Derivatives, Econometrics, Fixed Income, Managerial Economics, Trading and Investments, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Game Theory
Statement of Interest: Over 30 years of teaching experience. Currently teach one month each year at LUISS University in Rome. Have also taught as a visitor or adjunct at NYU, Cornell, Dublin City Univ., Gothenberg Univ., Univ. of Melbourne and others. Am comfortable teaching finance and microeconomics at UG through doctoral levels. Ph.D. from NYU-Stern in finance. Former member of the American Stock Exchange (options market maker). Extensive consulting experience. Author of 5 textbooks and numerous research articles.

Jack Sal Ventura: (Email: jack.ventura@verizon.net) (Phone: 301-593-1872)
Appointment Types Considered:  Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
Current Location: Silver Spring, MD
Locations Interested in Teaching: Washington, DC area
Last Full-Time Appointment: Interstate Commerce Commission/Surface Transportation Board 1965-2011
Other Full-Time Appointments: Georgetown University statistics lab assistant 1966-67
Subjects: Transportation economics
Economics of regulation
Statement of Interest: After a full career as a transportation economist in a regulatory agency in which opportunities for research and publication were limited, I look forward to conducting independent research and publishing and for an academic base and affiliation for doing so. I served as President of the Transportation Research Forum in 2013-14 and as Book Review Editor of the Journal of the Transportation Research Forum for many years.

Kadir Tanju Yurukoglu: (Email: tanjuy@gmail.com) (Phone: 2024151364)
Appointment Types Considered:  Temporary full-time (maximum one year)
 Part-time (maximum one course at a time)
 Part-time (more than one course at a time)
Current Location: United States
Locations Interested in Teaching: Washington, DC metro area
Last Full-Time Appointment: Senior Advisor, World Bank. 29 years
Other Full-Time Appointments: Taught at Bosphorus University, 1974-1976
Subjects: Development Economics
Development Assistance and International Institutions
Transition Economies of Central Asia and Caucasus
Economic History
Turkish Economy
Growth Diagnostics
Statement of Interest: I have 40+ years of development experience with focus on macroeconomic policies. Taught Economic History and Modern Economic Development at University of Maryland College Park in Fall 2013/2014.