EconLit Content Type: Collective Volume Articles

EconLit indexes articles (chapters) in collective works, conference proceedings, collections of essays on a particular topic, papers from research projects, collections of papers by a single author, and Festschrift volumes (articles collected in honor of a distinguished person).

Collective volume articles are classified in the same manner as journal articles, including subject descriptors, keywords, and geographic descriptors. Collective volume records do not include abstracts.

The title of the collective volume, editors, and publishing information are included on the record. If an article has been identified as previously published, the original copyright date also appears.

Non-English articles are omitted from EconLit unless an English summary appears in the volume. Foreign language articles with English summaries include the note "With English Summary" in parentheses after the English translation of the title.

ISBN numbers appear on collective volume records and may be used to find the abstract of the entire book or the full text of the book review, if the book was reviewed. (See the examples of EconLit records).

Searches may be limited to collective volumes by including the document type "collective volume."

Sample EconLit Collective Volume Record

TITLE: Aging of Population, Social Security, and Tax Reform

AUTHOR(S): Noguchi, Yukio AUTHOR AFFILIATION: Hitotsubashi U. SOURCE (BIBLIOGRAPHIC CITATION): Ito, Takatoshi; Krueger, Anne O., eds. The political economy of tax reform. NBER-East Asia Seminar on Economics, vol. 1, Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1992, pages 211-30.

DOCUMENT TYPE: Collective Volume Article


POST-1990 DESCRIPTORS: Taxation and Subsidies: Efficiency; Optimal Taxation (H210); Economics of the Elderly (J140); Social Security and Public Pensions (H550) ; Aging; Social Security; Tax

PRE-1991 DESCRIPTORS: Fiscal Theory; Empirical Studies Illustrating Fiscal Theory (3212); Economics of Aging (9180); Social Security (9150); National Government Expenditures (3221)


UPDATE: 199506