EconLit for AEA Members

A special EconLit edition for AEA members on-the-go!

A special edition for AEA Members on the go

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What is it?

EconLit for AEA Members is a searchable bibliographic database.  It contains all the EconLit records, but does not have the links to full-text journal articles and books available on library and institutional installations.  It is a tool for members who do not enjoy institutional access to EconLit.

What it is not:

EconLit for AEA Members is not the full-featured bibliographic search experience found on the platforms that are licensed to institutions by EconLit vendors, Ebscohost, Ovid/SP and ProQuest/CSA Illumina.  (See EconLit Vendors: ).  EconLit vendors have developed powerful platforms for use specifically with bibliographic databases.

What does it do?

EconLit for AEA Members is powered by Vivisimo Search Software, including clustering software, which makes it possible to drill down by topics or JEL Classifications for relevant search results.  It also provides downloads compatible with reference list software, as do institutional installations.

It provides a new feature, Target Audience sorts for journals and working papers series.  Target Audience sorts will be available shortly from most EconLit vendors.  Sorting the search results by Target Audience moves the records relevant to the selected audience onto the first screens.  The tree audiences are: Research Economist (includes graduate students), Business Economist, and Undergraduate.  See the Help screens for more information on how the Target Audience feature works.

EconLit for AEA Members does provide search engine access the AEA journals available to AEA members on this web site.  It also contains links to the full-text of working papers from selected series, most of which are open access.

Access EconLit for AEA Members

If you are an AEA member and would like to access the EconLit Search Engine, log in using your AEA member username and password.  If you  are not an AEA member, please see AEA Membership Information at:

Search EconLit for Members Now using your AEA member username and password.

Not yet a member? Join today.