New Applicant Societies Guidelines for Sessions at ASSA

The guidelines for offering session slots to new applicant societies who wish to participate in the ASSA meetings are as follows:

The applicant group must:

  1. Be an open membership organization with a purpose in economics.
  2. Have a least 300 members
  3. Have a set of bylaws.
  4. Have officers and the majority of directors elected by the membership.
  5. Be in existence at least 3 years.
  6. Be structured so that their programs sessions do not substantially overlap the purpose or programs of one of the existing ASSA associations. 

If the organization meets these criteria, and if the ASSA and AEA Committees that review applications approve, the admitted society is offered one session slot.

Applications should be submitted no later than December 1st to: The following should be included:

  1. A statement of the organization’s purpose and summary of its history.
  2. Copy of the bylaws.
  3. Charter with date of organization.
  4. Number of members.
  5. List of current officers.
  6. Scientific programs from events that the society has sponsored or in which it has participated.