Information for ASSA 2022 Participants

You will receive a Zoom link by email three days prior to your scheduled session.

The Zoom session will start 10 minutes prior to the scheduled event to provide an opportunity for presenter discussion and preparation before the audience is admitted. It is important that you arrive early. 

It is very important to wrap up the session on time. The technical support person will stop the recording and leave the session at the scheduled end time.   However, you may continue to use the Zoom meeting/webinar for an additional 30 minutes to allow for post-session discussion. The technical support person will promote the chair to Zoom host at the beginning of the session.  When the host leaves the Zoom meeting/webinar, it will close. Keep in mind that post-session discussion in a Zoom webinar is limited to audience participation via Q&A.

It is the chair's responsibility to introduce presenters and discussants and be sure they do not encroach on the time scheduled for the presentation of other papers on the session, and to coordinate questions if time permits.  A technical support person will be available throughout the session.   

In preparation for your session/panel/event in the 2022 ASSA Virtual Annual Meeting, we are providing you with a video covering the logistics of participating in this event. The first several minutes provide basic information about best practices on Zoom, but important details specific to the ASSA sessions are communicated immediately after that (bookmarked as "Zoom Webinars" and "Zoom Meetings"). We encourage all participants to view the video; it is especially important for chairs and moderators.