AEASTAT: 2024 Annual Meeting

Sessions for AEA Committee on Economic Statistics

Session 1: Advances in Imputing Race and Ethnicity to Administrative Data – Paper session
Chair: Mark Mazur, U.S. Treasury Department

BISG Validation using Tax-Linked Data
Elena Derby, Joint Committee on Taxation
Connor Dowd, Joint Committee on Taxation
Jacob Mortenson, Joint Committee on Taxation

Measuring Marriage Penalties and Bonuses by Race and Ethnicity: An Application of Race and Ethnicity Re-Weighting to Tax Data
Emily Lin, U.S. Treasury Department
Rachel Costello, U.S. Treasury Department
Portia DeFilippes, U.S. Treasury Department
Robin Fisher, U.S. Treasury Department
Ben Klemens, U.S. Treasury Department

Tax Expenditures by (Improved Imputed) Race and Ethnicity
Julie Anne Cronin, U.S. Treasury Department
Portia DeFilippes, U.S. Treasury Department
Robin Fisher, U.S. Treasury Department

Using Multiple Data Sources to Learn about the Race and Ethnicity of Taxpayers
James Pearce, Congressional Budget Office
Shannon Mok, Congressional Budget Office
Rebecca Heller, Congressional Budget Office
Jonathan Rothbaum, U.S. Census Bureau

Robert McClelland, Tax Policy Center, Urban Institute and Brookings Institution
Rhonda Vonshay Sharpe, Women's Institute for Science, Equity and Race (WISER)
Charles Hokayem, U.S. Census Bureau
Sheridan Fuller, Federal Reserve Board of Governors

Session 2: Creating an Integrated System of U.S. Household Income, Consumption, and Wealth Data and Statistics to Improve Research and Policy – Panel session
Chair: Hilary Hoynes, University of California-Berkeley

The Need for Integrated Data and Statistics on Income, Consumption, and Wealth
Timothy Smeeding, University of Wisconsin

Defining Consistent Measures of Income, Consumption, and Wealth: Conceptual Issues
Luigi Pistaferri, Stanford University

Using Blended Data to Build and Access the New Data Infrastructure
David Johnson, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Policy and Research Questions to Be Addressed Using the New Data and Statistics
Karen Dynan, Harvard University

Jonathan Rothbaum, U.S. Census Bureau
Alice Henriques Volz, Federal Reserve Board

Session 3: Innovations in Economic Measurement – Paper Session
Chair: Karen Dynan, Harvard University

Transistors All the Way Down: Viability of Direct Volume Measurement (and Price Indexes) for Semiconductors
David M. Byrne, Federal Reserve Board
Adrian Hamins-Puertolas, Federal Reserve Board
Molly M. Harnish, Federal Reserve Board

Measuring Consumer Credit Conditions
Claire Brennecke, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Brian Bucks, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Christa Gibbs, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Michelle Kambara, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Samantha LeBuhn, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Caroline Ratcliffe, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

New Evidence on Consumption and Income Dynamics from a Consumer Payment Diary
Scott Schuh, West Virginia University
Shaun Gilyard, West Virginia University

Measuring Women's and Young People's Work: The Role of Screening Questions and Self-Responses
Ivette Contreras, World Bank
Valentina Costa, World Bank
Lelys Dinarte-Diaz, World Bank
Amparo Palacios-Lopez, World Bank
Steffanny Romero, World Bank

Bart Hobijn, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Laura Feiveson, U.S. Treasury Department
Martha A. Starr, American Economic Association
Shoshana Grossbard, San Diego State University