AEASTAT: 2022 Annual Meeting

Sessions for AEA Committee on Economic Statistics


Session 1: Updating National Economic Statistics with Real-Time Data—Panel Session
Chair: Erik Brynjolfsson, Stanford University

Pat Bajari, Amazon
Mary Bohman, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Diana Farrell, JPMorgan Chase Institute
Ron Jarmin, U.S. Census Bureau

Session 2: New Approaches to Measuring Poverty and Income—Paper Session
Chair: David Johnson, University of Michigan

Escaping Official Poverty: A Proposal for Revising the Official Poverty Methodology
Liana E. Fox, U.S. Census Bureau
Emily A. Shrider, U.S. Census Bureau
Frances Chen, U.S. Census Bureau

Building a Consumption Poverty Measure Based on the Recommendations of the Interagency Technical Working Group (ITWG) on Evaluating Alternative Measures of Poverty
Thesia I. Garner, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Jake Schild, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Wage Shocks and Stabilization During COVID-19
Jeff Larrimore, Federal Reserve Board
Jacob Mortensen, Joint Committee on Taxation
David Splinter, Joint Committee on Taxation

Poverty Trends over Time Using Linked Survey and Administrative Data
Kevin Corinth, University of Chicago
Bruce D. Meyer, University of Chicago
Derek Wu, University of Chicago

Marianne Bitler, University of California-Davis
Richard Burkhauser, Cornell University

Session 3: Measuring Inflation in the Service Sector: Accounting for Changes in Quality—Paper Session
Chair: Carol Corrado, Conference Board

Accounting for Outlet Shifts in the Consumer Price Index: The Case of UBER Ridesharing Services
Ana Aizcorbe, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Jeffrey Chen, Nordic Entertainment Group

How Much Are Medical Expenditures Worth? An Analysis Based on Millions of Individuals and Thousands of Cost-Effectiveness Studies
Abe Dunn, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
Eli Liebman, University of Georgia
Lasanthi Fernando, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

Telecoms Deflators: A Story of Volume and Revenue Weights
Mo Abdirahman, United Kingdom Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
Richard Heys, Office of National Statistics
Diane Coyle, University of Cambridge

Marshall Reinsdorf, Non-affiliated
Michael Chernew, Harvard University
Shane M. Greenstein, Harvard Business School